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Mondo Barbie

St. Martin's Press ISBN 0-312-08848-5 $12.95.

"Outside of dildos and Tupperware, pieces of molded plastic have rarely been known to trigger such intense brain activity."
-- San Francisco Sentinel

Barbie is a problem for many...A deep problem.

Barbie is an American icon: the product of an adult's fantasy of a girlchild's toy. Or is Barbie the adult's toy and the child's fantasy?

What happens when the adult fantasy collides with the child's fantasy? Sparks fly, as you will see from these stories and poems -- some from Barbie's point of view, some about Barbie's impact on specific characters. All that misplaced Barbie angst of your youth, all the childhood conditioning, is revealed at last in Mondo Barbie.

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"Weird, funny, and surprisingly provoking."
--Blanche McCrary Boyd

"Peels away all the phony plastic and gets to the real plastic underneath . . . . Barbie has warped many lives; but she will always be among us, so we might as well learn to deal with her."
--Robert Plunket, New York Times Book Review

"A diverse and agile book . . . the authors play happily with the varieties of Barbie experience."

"A funny, irreverent, and sometimes shocking look at Barbie's function as national icon . . . an unusually entertaining collection."
--Kirkus Reviews

"A hilarious, offbeat, irreverent, and occasionally frightening anthology of just what nine inches of plastic injection-molding technology has wrought."
--San Diego Union-Tribune

"Members of the Barbie Generation are coming of age and they are taking no prisoners."
--Publishers Weekly

Featuring works by: Roberta Allen, Julia Alavarez, Lynne Barrett, Jeanne Beaumont, Rebecca Brown, Sandra Cisneros, Laura Costas, Denise Duhamel, Richard Grayson, Cathryn Hankla, Kathryn Harrison, Sharon Henry, Lisa B. Herskovits, A. M. Homes, Wayne E. Kline, Philip Levine, Lyn Lifshin, Cookie Lupton, Alice McDermott, Lynne McMahon, Jose Padua, Marge Piercy, Ellie Schoenfeld, Gregg Shapiro, Leslie Shiel, Gary Soto, Sparrow, Patricia Storace, Belinda Subraman, Hillary Tham, David Trinidad, John Varley, and Jeff Weddle.


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