Abundant Grace

Fiction by D.C. Area Women
Edited by Richard Peabody

“Washington, D.C., is not a place most people associate with delicious literary fiction. But they should, and Peabody’s anthologies of fiction by D.C. area women are proof. Big, rich, and frothfully fabulous, Abundant Grace is the perfect title for this latest collection to savor—or devour!” 
— C. M. Mayo, author of Sky Over El Nido and Miraculous Air.

“Having spent my life writing and reading in D.C., I’m thrilled at this collection of stories by some of Washington’s finest writers — women with strong voices and bold ways with the language. These stories take us both to new places and to our familiars. The unique characters on these pages are so vividly rendered, so full of surprises, we can’t help but to devour this book. You’ll find every kind of wanting, unexpected joys, difficult questions, and graceful answers.” 
— Anna March, Salon regular contributor.

“Once again, Richard Peabody has gathered together an astounding range of talent from the Washington, D.C., area. For anyone who believes that D.C. is not a hotbed of daring, powerful writers, Abundant Grace again proves them wrong.” 
— Lucinda Ebersole, author of Death in Equality.

Featuring the following authors and works:

Richard Peabody — Introduction xi
Gigi Amateau — Good Bean1
Janna Bialek — At Seven I Had a Dad9
Caroline Bock — The Critique Group14
Frances Carden — Nature’s Graveyard15
Bobbi Carducci — The Day Oprah Died 26
Shirley Graves Cochrane — The Smell of Apples29
P J Devlin — Signals44
Jenny Drummey — Fireflies52
Alison Fairbrother — Hard Freight72
Lydia Morris Fettig — For George74
Jess Stork Glicoes — This Message Will Self-Destruct after Your Last Paycheck88
Madelyn Glist — You Can Go Now96
Jessica Claire Haney — Out of Scale 103
J. Howard — Who Were You When Kennedy Was Shot?115
Margaret Hutton — The Heiress and the Radioman120
Faith Reyher Jackson — Cedelia129
Kelly Ann Jacobson — Alma’s Afgan139
Sinta Jimenez — Elephants145
Jeanne Jones — Spark159
Dini Karasik — Ghosting on the Rio Grande174
Rhea Yablon Kennedy — Digging to Switzerland180
Caroline Langston — The Silent Stars Go By194
Barbara F. Lefcowitz — The Pink Suit205
Fiona J. Mackintosh — Penitentiary211
Caron L. Martinez — Black Ice221
Cynthia Matsakis — In the Fable of My Life230
Lily Meyer — Wellfleet239
Nicole Miller — Mack’s Misery245
Amanda Miska — Sam and Dee259
Roberta Murphy — Shu…ush265
Tanya Olson — o camerado close! o you and me at last281
Abbey Mei Otis — Party Doll Surprise Attack284
Virginia Pye — The Lemon Man298
Pam Risdon — Sara’s Way307
Madelyn Rosenberg — The Eye Doctor319
Melissa Scholes Young — Oxygen in Use331
Melody Schreiber — Bellyful345
Dahlia Shaewitz — Leather & Lingerie353
Atossa Shafaie — Professional Mourner357
Debra Lattanzi Shutika — Mirrors366
Karen Sosnoski — Too Sweet370
M. Jane Taylor — Behave, Sissy!383
Virgie Townsend — A Friend Loves at All Times401
Jourdan Woo — Curl Up and Dye404
Morowa Yejidé — Heathens415


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