Amazing Graces: Yet Another Collection of Fiction by Washington Area Women 

$18.95 464 pp
ISBN 9780931181351
Cover art by Sheep Jones

Cover image: "Copper Head," by Sheep Jones

"There is nothing parochial here in Amazing Graces: Yet Another Collection of Fiction by by Washington Area Women. Not in terms of place nor of gender. This is quite simply a remarkable collection of contemporary fiction dense with real life and more. Dive in!!!!"
—Frances Driscoll, author of Talk to Me and The Rape Poems

"Amazing Graces is absolutely consuming. I was transported by the worries of a teenage girl in a tough inner-city school, a woman desperate to break up with her therapist, someone who loses his sight and makes sense of the world. These stories are raw and inviting, painful enough to read, yet often endearingly funny. A mother in ‘Floating’ says, ‘You know, honey, there’s something I want to tell you, but I don’t want to upset you. Do you think you’ll be upset?’ It’s a question I might ask the reader of this collection. You are going to go to a wig shop in these pages; you are going to walk into a room of Kennedy lookalikes, and people wearing Sarah Palin masks. Take nothing for granted and get ready to be surprised."
—Marti Leimbach, author of Dying Young and The Man From Saigon

"In this amazing anthology, you will find depth and range in stories taking place from Brazil to New Orleans, London to New York to L.A., from Maryland’s Eastern Shore to the other side of the grave – and, of course, Washington. You will find humor, irony, rage, sorrow, ghost stories and love stories. You will find kids who rebel and grow, and kids who don’t. You will find women who face pregnancies, abortions and adoptions; mothers who love their children and mothers who drive them crazy; wives who cope with adultery, and wives who confess it. Mostly, you will find real people made of flesh and blood, bone and heart. What you will not find is politics, or politicians (except for a fantasized Dick Cheney in retirement). Thus, this is a guide to the real capital, stretching far beyond the Capitol dome into the real world and beautifully rendered by gifted Washington women with art, intelligence – and grace."
—Joanna Biggar, author of That Paris Year

Amazing Graces features:
Julie Vosburgh Agnone—Snake Stick
Jonetta Rose Barras—Martyna
Patricia Bartlett—One of a Kind
Catherine Bell—Witness
Arielle Bernstein—Things Poor People Eat
Emily Bliss—Floating
Laura Bogart—Your Name is No
Rae Bryant—Skin
Ellen Campbell—Peripheral Vision
Celeste Crenshaw—from “After the Dance”
Caitlin Cushman—After Words
Meghan Dombrink-Green—Blurry
Michelle Dove—A Well-Made Wig
Verlyn Flieger—Igrayne After Tintagel
Beth Frerking—Watching the Dead
Alessandra Gelmi—from Who’s Afraid of Red
Jennifer Howard—Mercury Rising
Esther Iverem—“The Sidewalk” (from a novel in progress)
Beth Konkoski—Mercy
Bettina Lanyi—Burrow
Tara Laskowski—Every Now and Then
Susan Lennon—Chicken Foot Leak
Patricia Morningstar—A Little Monkey Business
Donna Moss—Jockey Days
Teresa Burns Murphy—Halloween Gift
Jennifer L. Napolitano—A Recipe for Banana Bread
Priscilla Nemeth—Three Hundred Dollars
Lorine Kritzer Pergament—Smell the Roses on Your Own Time
Denise V. Powers—The Best Years
Eman Quotah—London Fog
Colleen Kearney Rich—The Five of Cups
Kim Roberts—The Worst Itch
Gabriela Romeri—Raining Men
Charlotte Safavi—Aphrodite’s Eggs
Barbara Scheiber—Diagnosis
Susan Sharpe—White Days
Katherine R. Smith—Frost
Amber Sparks—As They Always Are
Eugenia Tsutsumi—Of Chicken and Love
Linden von Eichel—Havoc
Wanda Warner—Help Wanted
Gina Welch—Dick at Home
Kathleen Wheaton—Aliens
Constance Witherspoon—Pimping
Pamela Woolford—Pleasant People

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Amazing Graces, the fifth collection of fiction by Washington, DC-area women in the Grace & Gravity series from Paycock Press, is garnering great blurbs! Click here for details.


Amazing Graces launches with lively party in January

The Amazing Graces launch party, held on Sunday, January 8, at the renowned DC bookstore Politics & Prose, was a smash success! We sold 200 copies of our newest book and enjoyed insights about its development from an eight-author panel moderated by Bethanne Patrick. Panelists Rae Bryant, Celeste Crenshaw, Beth Frerking, Jennifer Howard, Esther Iverem, Priscilla Nemeth, Wanda Warner and Kathleen Wheaton each read from her piece in the new anthology (it worked like a collage) and then fielded questions from the audience and the moderator. "The event was truly a celebration, not a marathon," said editor Richard Peabody, owner of Paycock Press.

Alumni from the first four volumes in the series and writers who are penciled in for a sixth volume were invited to the event.

For more details, go to the Politics & Prose site:

Our thanks to Pam Risdon,, for these great photos of the event.

Beth Frerking.

Celeste Crenshaw, Constance Witherspoon.

Donna Moss.

Margaret Grosh and Richard Peabody of Paycock Press.

Esther Iverem.

Gabriela Romeri, Jennifer Howard.

Patricia Bartlett, Wanda Warner, Nita Congress.

Richard Peabody, Patricia Morningstar.

Kathleen Wheaton, Lorine Kritzer Pergament.

Rose Solari and Richard Peabody.

Linden von Eichel, Susan Sharpe, Nita Congress.

Richard Peabody, Jennifer Napolitano, Caitlin Cushman.

Priscilla Nemeth, Rae Bryant.

Lissa Muscatine, co-owner of Politics and Prose; Richard Peabody.

Wanda Warner.

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