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“They may all be from Washington, but they fling their fiction far, imagining medieval torture - how like love! - cocktails in dog parks, old flames, gangsters, pregnant wives - the many possibilities of female life. 

“This is a rich and varied anthology - in tone, in pace, in setting.”

Martha Tod Dudman, author of Augusta, Gone and the forthcoming novel, Black Olives


Electric Grace: Still More Fiction by Washington Area Women
ed. by Richard Peabody ISBN 0-931181-25-9

Featuring: Teresa Bevin, Jody Lannen Brady, Michelle Brafman, Laura Brylawski-Miller, Maxine Clair, Brenda W. Clough, Merle Collins, Julie Corwin, Janet Crossen, Rosemarie Dempsey, Mary Doroshenk, Cynthia Folcarelli, Barbara Goldberg, Corrine Zappia Gormont, T. Greenwood, Catherine Harnett, Jamie Holland, Susan Kellam, Eugenia SunHee Kim, Randi Gray Kristensen, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Sarah Grace McCandless, Faye Moskowitz, Barbara Mujica, Jessica Neely, Sarah Pleydell, Vicki Popdan, Joy Reges, Jessie Seigel, Debra Sequeira, Sheryl Stein, Amy Stolls, Mary L. Tabor, Julia Thomas, Sheila Walsh, Riggin Waugh, N.C. Weil, Mary-Sherman Willis, Robyn Kirby Wright, Hananah Zaheer, Anna Ziegler, and Christy J. Zink.

And the reviewers say:

“Electric Grace is a marvel, a glorious humming  party-line of voices. Bend your ear to the wire and have a listen. You won't be disappointed.” — Ann Downer, author of Hatching Magic and The Spellkey Trilogy

"The unique voices in this collection, with a winning combo of freshness and maturity, perfectly capture the impact of the everyday in the way that only the best fiction can…Revealing how certain moments, both great and small, can disturb us all the way back to ourselves—our true selves." —Cara Haycak, author of Red Palms

"Although some purists could possibly be upset that it took a man to introduce women writers of the district to the world, Richard Peabody is no ordinary man ... it might even make sense that Peabody--who is married with two daughters--would possess the familiarity of and distance from the female perspective to produce a volume of enchanting, thrilling work by DC-area women.
"At any rate, Peabody has pulled it off not once, but three times. Electric Grace: Still More Fiction by Washington Area Women is the third volume from Gargoyle imprint Paycock Press ... It seems improbable that, in less than four years, 1206 pages of writing by 117 different women could be published and even more improbable that so much of it would be so good.
"Yet, if the third volume is any indication of the first, I'd have to say Peabody exceeded beyond his wildest expectations. ..."
— Jen Michalski, author of Close Encounters and Cross Sections, and editor of City Sages: Baltimore

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