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Grace and Gravity cover

"When an anthology is dedicated to the great and greatly versatile singer Eva Cassidy and the much-missed artist Susan Davis, along with four other Washington women who died young, you know you're in wise and sensitive hands. Richard Peabody has been a mainstay of the D.C. literary scene for 30 years, whether editing Gargoyle magazine or compiling collections like Grace and Gravity: Fiction by Washington Area Women (Paycock; paperback, $14.95). There are more than 30 stories in this hefty paperback, but nearly all of them possess a brash swagger and sexiness that may surprise. Isn't Washington supposed to be staid? This volume is not only an important showcase but also a lot of fun." -- Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World, 12/5/04

"Local literary fixture Richard Peabody is the editor of Grace and Gravity: Fiction by Washington Area Women. The anthology of short stories, most previously unpublished, includes Sophy Burnham, Donna Hemans, Nani Power, Mary Kay Zuravleff, and others." --William O'Sullivan, "Just What I Wanted," Washingtonian, 12/04

"Paradoxically, the most universal thing about the stories from the seven Montgomery County authors in the "Grace and Gravity" anthology -- indeed, about the stories from all 32 women included in the collection -- is their diversity."-- By Gwen Glazer, The Gazette, 11/23/2004

Grace and Gravity: Fiction by Washington Area Women

Richard Peabody (ed.)
ISBN 0-931181-18-6, $14.95.

Available from or, in the D.C. area, at: the Brian MacKenzie Info Center, Chapters, Chocolate Chocolate, Politics & Prose, Olsson's Books & Records, The Reprint Bookshop, and  the Writer's Center

Featuring works by:

Doreen Baingana
Abby Bardi
Jodi Bloom
Susan Burgess-Lent
Sophy Burnham
T. P. del Ninno
Lucinda Ebersole
Barbara Esstman
Patricia Griffith
Ivy Goodman
Melissa Hardin
Judith Harris
Donna Hemans
Patti Kim
Karen J. Kovacs
Robin Alva Marcus
C. M. Mayo
Julia S. Meek
Margaret Meyers
Mary Overton
Frances Park
Carolyn Parkhurst
Sally Pfoutz
Leslie Pietrzyk
Barbara Ann Porte
Nani Power
Mary Quattlebaum
Lisa Schamess
Myra Sklarew
MaryAnn Suehle
Elly Williams
Mary Kay Zuravleff

Cover by Jody Mussoff

Enhanced Gravity, a 2nd volume of fiction by DC area women is tentatively planned for 2005/2006.

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Reviewed in Washington City Paper

Reviewed in the Montserrat Review

Reviewed in Women's Monthly magazine

"In this exciting anthology, a broad spectrum of stories illuminate the depth, breadth, and variety of women writers in the D.C. area. Kudos to Richard Peabody of Gargoyle for providing a stellar venue in a neighborhood where female literary artists aren’t heard from nearly enough, and for giving story lovers everywhere a chance to discover the voices gathered here." 
  —Randy Sue Coburn

"A striking anthology of new stories that shows the range of women writing for a new century—compelling and original."
  —Elizabeth Hand

"The stories in Grace and Gravity map diverse emotional and geographic territories—young lovers in Kampala discovering the boundaries of sexual joy; a young wife, transplanted to Florida, tricked into a threesome; Kurt Cobain's imaginary twin narrating from the womb—it's no accident these stories are part of a lively anthology by Washington area women. In a time when the mention of Washington consistently evokes political polarization, it's a pleasure to find this gathering of sharp-eyed perceptions by writers of substance and wit."
  —Elizabeth Oness

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