Chosen as a Sept-Oct
Pick in the Small Magazine Review #132-133

"Peabody is a master of obliqueness, complexity, word- and meaning-games. You don't just read him, the same way you don't just read the Koran."
                            --Hugh Fox, Small Press Review


Last of the Red Hot Magnetos

by Richard Peabody.
ISBN 093118116X (2004) $5.95 BUY IT!

"Richard Peabody is one of the key poetic dissidents of this tragic American moment--a Chomsky of passionate tropes. Peabody's poems--political and personal--navigate satire's hot zones, driven by a panache for justice, his only allies wit, purpose and le mot juste. This is the last book you'd ever find in the White House, and therefore, it is up to you, dear reader, to put it there." -- Todd Swift, editor Short Fuse: The Global Anthology of New Fushion Poetry.

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Cover by Nancy Taylor

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