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Sex and Chocolate

Sex & Chocolate: Tasty Morsels for Mind and Body

ed. by Lucinda Ebersole & Richard Peabody ISBN 0-931181-21-6
ltd. to 1000cc, 343pp

featuring: Ann Androla, R. R. Angell, Robert Bixby, Jodi Bloom, Jane Bradley, Mary Ann Cain, Nick Carbo, Patrick Chapman, Rikki Ducornet, Denise Duhamel, Moira Egan, Enid Futterman, Laurence Gonzales, Ivy Goodman, Jaimy Gordon, Richard Grayson, Joanne Harris, Shelley Jackson, Kevin Killian, Nancy Ludmerer, Deirdra McAfee, John McNally, Susan Smith Nash, Anthony Oldknow, Leslie Pietrzyk, Nani Power, Christy Sheffield Sanford, Lynda Schor, Gregg Shapiro, Eugene Stein, Cheryl A. Townsend, Lee Upton, and more.

"Chocolate is the song of Eros as Eros is the song of God, It's all about surrender. Use this book as a hymnal." -- Lily Pond, Editor of Yellow Silk

"Mix: Equal portions candy, carnal delight, excellent prose.  Result: a delicious book box of stories whose pleasures are complicated, sweet, and lasting." --Elizabeth Benedict, author of The Joy of Writing Sex, Almost, & The Practice of Deceit

"The only hobby I enjoy as much as sex and chocolate is reading. Thanks to this lusty and luscious collection of diverse stories, for the first time I can do all three at once, multi-tasking like crazy to my Type A heart's content."—Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of A Little Change of Face

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