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Tina Fulker/Tender Hooks

Originally cassette, now CD $10

Side One

Teenage City/Rainbow Boy 2:37
Outdoor Girl 2:46
Cosmic City 2:31
We Have Danced Together,
& Now We Dance Alone 3:42
Snow Storm 3:00

Side Two

Throwaway Lines 3:23
Snow Storm II 2:59
Gash 4:52

John Ramo - guitars
Zenon Slawinski - keyboards
John Mogayzel - drums

Recorded at Sonic Images in March 1984
Released in 1986

"Tight and innovative musical backing melds superbly with Tina's sharp British articulation of her subtly brutal poetry." — Bart Solarczyk, Bogg

"Tina's images are gritty . . . she's the cerebral street poet of the new wave generation."
— Mark Reeve, Baltimore Music Review

"Introspective (but pleasant) and often more musical than narrative . . . she is very pretty."
— Robin James, Sound Choice

"A professional looking and sounding package . . . the Poet has a pleasant, clear voice, and along with the musicians represented, gives us something worth listening to."
— Alison Meyers, Factsheet Five

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