Gargoyle #11 Cover
cover etching by Scott McIntyre
publication date 5/25/1979





Eric Baizer - Orbits

Book Review

Pete Brown - A Letter from England

John Elsberg - The British Scene

Book Review

Hans Magnus Enzensberger - From The Genesis of a Poem (tr. Kurt J. Fickert)

John Gardner - Interview

Richard Peabody - Notes from the Bell Tower (editorial)

Book Review

Ron Androla - stone & rain

smoke curls

snow no school


Adelaide Blomfield - To Speak Your Name

Jeff Branin - Cheese With

Steven Ford Brown - Twilight

George Cairncross - Bird Is Only Sleeping

William F. Claire - The Bass Man And His Bass

Christine Lahey Dolega - Ratios

Bela Egyedi - Old Soldier's D.C.

Larry Eigner - Shadowy Gesticulations

Harrison Fisher - Sperm Poem

My Biographer

Jay Fowler, Jr. - Free Fall

Larry Fox - Giacometti

Tina Fulker - Leafy Afternoon

From Winter

Greg Gatenby - In a Toronto Bookstore, 1976

Jesse Glass, Jr. As He Ascended

Essex Hemphill - Thread

Christine Lahey - Ratios

Lyn Lifshin - Vermont

Bringing a Drink of Water to the Bed

James Magorian - Mime Performing With a Knee Injury

James Maher - Things Fall Apart

Winter Without Snow

Linda McCloud - The Card Player

D. H. Melhem - Adaptation

Joyce Merritt - Candle Poetry

Ronald T. Morgan - T-Room with Stained Glass Window

Desmond O'Brien - untitled

Joyce Renwick - Turtle Soup

Steve Snyed - Pure Affectation

Wilson Stapleton - The Hungry Wolves

Janine Pommy Vega - Jameson's Whiskey

Rick Wilson - Cross-Country

George Myers Jr. - I Remember Malraux

Colin David Webb - The Argument

Susan Coleman - drawing

Russell Cox - photo

Bela Egyedi - 2 collages

Dave Griffiths - oil

Bibiana Chia-Pi Huang - drawing

Scott McIntyre - lino cut

Katharine Muench - charcoal

Cynde Pierce - drawing etching

Charlie Schlager - 2 photos

Regina Shekerjian - The Old Dissembler (woodcut)

Zenon Slawinski - drawing

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