Gargoyle #41 Cover

cover by Melissa Zexter
publication date 9/3/03





Elizabeth Alexander - At Marylebone

Yael Flusberg - On the Morning You Go

John Giorno's Pornographic Past: An Interview

Deborah Ager - Sometimes I Count to Forty-Nine

Jeanne Marie Beaumont - What Are You Wearing?

Susan Browne - Swearing, Smoking, Drinking

Jennifer Cutting - At Ollie's

Debra Daniel - The Olive Oyl Tapes

Phebe Davidson - Changeling

Shira Dentz -- Fruit

Jennifer Dick -- Pisces

M. Scott Douglass - Ainsworth, Nebraska

Cheryl Dumesnil -- Narrative

Carol Firth - Chronologies

Red Question

Elena Georgiou - One Night Stand

Eric Gudas - Catalog of Tools

Penny Harter - Flies on the Corn

Jennifer Michael Hecht - Horse Makes a Decision

David Hill - Pavarotti's Lament

Anna Maria Hong -- Rebecca Pidgeon's Subversive Bangs

Jessica Barksdale Inclan - Wondering About Cows

Faye Kicknosway - Turner Classic Movies

Brigitte Knudsen - Dirge of Tongue and Mouth

Anne-Marie Levine - Four November 9ths

Timothy Liu - Trespass

Carla McKain - Please Note

Moira Muldoon - Second Marriage

Risk of Love

James Norcliffe - les haricots ne sont pas sales

Michelle Noteboom - Experiment

Kathleen Novak - Escape

Andrew Oldham - Sirens

Alyson Palmer - Engine Company

W. T. Pfefferle - Band Fantasy

Zoe Reed - Chapter 2: You Can Dance if You Want To

Carol Rosenfeld - I Was a Sexual Switzerland

Dennis Ward Stiles - Itch

Silvana Straw - I Should Have Been Crazier

Gay Italian Man

Adrienne Su - Fashion Magazines


Todd Swift - Café Alibi

On the Back of the Hip Young Poet's Book

Venus Thrash - November Night

Lori Tsang - Live Music

Sharlie West - Café Noir

Mark Wisniewski - In or Out


Susanna Childress - Seeds

Natasha Cho - Godzilla vs. Alice Cooper

Lynn Cothern - Dead Ringer

Thom Didato - Life as a One Hit Wonder

Anna Geyer - Dirty Bob

Philip Graham - Grrrls Underground

John McNally - Planetary Danger

Ben Miller -- #436

Valerie Miner - Flat World

Matthew L. Moffett - A Heart Made Wicked

Steph Paynes - The New Nose

Martin Seay - Seventeen Ways of Looking at a Frog

Matthew Summers - KinderCare

Irene Svete - Still Life Without Monsters

Alexander Theroux - from Laura Warholic

Katharine Weber - Shooting in Sequence

Stephen Gibson - 3 Comix

Leavenworth Jackson - frontispiece

Melissa Zexter - cover