Cover by Emma Lizzie Downing





Susan Burgess-Lent – Kenya Kronicles

Gloria Dyc – Living in the Shadow

Josip Novakovich – Cat Named Sobaka

Kwame Alexander – I(mus) Be Crazy

Kwame Alexander – After Reading E. Ethelbert Miller

John Amen – Missive #6

John Amen – Missive #11

Lisa Andrews – The Tigers

Lisa Andrews – Story

Antler – Threat to Our Community

Naomi Ayala – On Monday Evening The Radiators Hold Their Breath

Naomi Ayala – Horses

Lucy Biederman – Pastoral

Linda Joy Burke – Off the Chain

Joan Colby – Shell

Teri Ellen Cross – Morning when a dream lingers

Alba Cruz-Hacker – March 2007

Alba Cruz-Hacker – Flesh Eaters at Sunbridge Psychiatric Facility

Jim Daniels – The Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir Esperanto

Jim Daniels – Marvin Gaye Esperanto

Hayes Davis – Chinese Takeout Dream

Barbara DeCesare – The Day After I Destroyed the Women, I Wished I Had Not
Destroyed Them

Danny diCrispino – Ghazal for Gary Blankenburg

Emma Lizzie Downing – Piggly Wiggly

Barbara Drake – Love over Sixty

Bobbi Dykema – For Gwen

Bobbi Dykema – The Bare Necessity of Place

Sean Enright – Sheep

Gary Fincke – The Danger of Yawning

Hugh Fox – We Arrive

Hugh Fox – Aging Comfortably

Jean Genet – Love Song

Jean Genet – Dialogue between the Sun and Moon

Robert L. Giron – Santa Fe

Marilyn Kallet – Is There Lightning on Venus?

Stephen Kessler – When Edgar Met Audrey

Oliver A. Khan – Empire

Ron Koertge – Library Opens at 1:00 Today

Karen Kovacik – Elegy for My Sex Life

Gerry LaFemina – No Omen

Gerry LaFemina – Thinking Really Hard about God

Mike Maggio – I Was Born in America

David McLean – for Georg Trakl

Didi Menéndez – El Gallo

Philip Miller – Sex after Death?—The Ghost Says, “Yes, Yes”

Barbara Moraff – September Fruit

Barbara Moraff – Labial Bond Juxtapose

Barbara Moraff – evoking maha machenmo

Ann Power – Arcimboldo’s Law – Displacement

Anne Marie Rooney – Bonnie and Clyde at a costume party

Lorraine Schein – The Crafty Ones

Cathryn Shea – Under “M”

Judith Skillman – The Crinolines

Cheryl Stiles – Watercress Sings

Carolyn Stoloff – Where Are You?

Adrienne Su – Harvard

Jennifer K. Sweeney – Death Valley

Todd Swift – Ivo, Marianopolis, 1984

Todd Swift – Mr. Death

Meg Thompson – Little-Known Facts about Ford Festivas

Melissa Tuckey – A Lesson in Cuban Cooking

ruth weiss – I Am Calling You

ruth weiss – for Carol Bergé (1928–2006)

ruth weiss – For Philip Lamantia

Mike White – World Peace

Allison Whittenberg – One World or None

Burgi Zenhaeusern – Evening News

Holly Anderson – Recipe for Returning

Carol Bergé – We Are Not Alone

Neal Blaikie – Bubbles Rise

Andrei Bhuyan – You Said You’ll Walk Beside Me

Traci O. Connor – Starla and June

Kathleen de Azevedo – The Cure

Kiki Denis – Foreign Student Prostitutes’ Club

Rachel Dixon – Sun and Sea and Silver

John Domini – Blinded by Paparazzi

Ed Falco – Saint John of the Five Boroughs—An Excerpt

Robert Gregory – Incidents of 1903

Robert Gregory – Gone On (An Epitaph)

Lucy Honig – The Deluxe Package

Ian Christopher Hooper – Asakusa Station

Craig Kakuda – The Secrets of Bonsai Gardening

Ángela Labordeta – Barcelona!!

Elise Levine – All We Did

Norman Lock – To Each According to His Sentence

Lalita Noronha – Cat Cry

Carol Novack – The Eating Habits of the Poor

Steven Schutzman – War of Choice

Glenn Small – Auto Reply

Marilyn Stablein – Alphabet Sex

M. Kaat Toy – What Is News?

Letitia Trent – The Dancer

Michael Wilding – Master Class

Gerald R. Wheeler

Susan Smith Nash