Gargoyle 55 cover photo

Cover photo by Andy Rumball of poet Aoife Mannix





Aaron Gilbreath—Cupid Carries a Switch

Margery Kreitman—Taxi!

Louise Wareham Leonard—Ashes

William Minor—Cheese

—A Blessing

Jordan Okumura—Descent

Sherman Alexie—The Oral Tradition

D.N. Baldwin—Night of the Savior

Jan Ball—cross-dressers in spring clothing

Kate Braverman—Fox and Camouflage Russian Hill Women

Traci Brimhall—Chastity Belt Lesson

Emily Brungo—Shockoe Bottom (aka Hungover .  . .

Claudia Burbank—Morris, New Jersey, 1967

Linda E. Cable—Fishing for Dead Poets

Chezia Thompson Cager—Ask Your Mama I

— Ask Your Mama II

— A Country Girl’s Recipe. . .
Mary Ann Campbell—Melissa

Sean Carman—On Being Trapped in a Grain Elevator
        . . .

Sandra M. Castillo—LSD and Kyle McLachlan

Patrick Chapman—Oubliette

Alex Cigale—The Rabid Loves of the Americans

Heather Davis—From the American People

Alex Dimitrov—Saint Sebastian After the Arrows

George Drew—CSI Gil Grissom in the Kingdom of the  Dead

Moira Egan—Laurus nobilis

Bridget Gage-Dixon—The Beekeeper’s Daughter

Shelley Grabel—The Reluctant Tomboy

Anne Wilson Gregory—Warning the Hunter

Robert Gregory—Elegy in Advance

Harry Griswold—In Churchport

Susan Gubernat—Sibyl

Jenny Hanning—Trench

Johnny Hartner—Love’s Labor’s Lost at Kennywood

Mary Crockett Hill—Toaster Genesis

Brad Johnson—Coffee Shop Waste Sheet (Or: Very
        Bored Barista)

Jason Jones—Gunslinger

Miriam Jones—Party Down on the Island

Richard Jones—Walking in a Cemetery Re: Incarnation…

Mike Jurkovic—Mongrel

Christina Kallery—Government Cheese

Linda King—A River Makes Its Own Way

Mary Jean Kledzik—Alchemy

Steve Kowit—Some Skunks
        7th Grade

Jonas Kyle-Sidell—Lightning, some

Brian E. Langston—Building a Better Weapon

Lyn Lifshin—On the Metro

— Father Throws 4 Children Off a Bridge

—When I Found the Words Pressed into Themselves . . .

— She Said Possessed

— First Snow, January 17

Reb Livingston—Diminished Prophecy  6:3

Ann Malaspina—Disappear

Sally Wen Mao—Love Pear

Cathy McArthur—Lipsticks

Greg McBride—At the Gay-Pride Parade

Margaret McCarthy—Slut     America, Light of the World

Melissa Monroe—Pinocchio on Wishes

Peter Moore—Airborne Leaflet Propaganda
Language by Immersion

Kathi Morrison-Taylor—Hypothesis

Elisabeth Murawski—A Type of Sad

Barbra Nightingale—Ahab’s Second Wife

Kevin Oberlin—Meeting for Drinks at the Bar…

Claudia Putnam—On reading the Bible backwards

Alan C. Reese—This Just In

Amanda Reynolds—Kurt Vonnegut Flunked    Thermodynamics

Diane Schenker—Poem with No Pants On

Mather Schneider—Midnight in the Beer Garden of
Good and Evil

Peter Schwartz—Naked Woman/Naked Man

Eric Paul Shaffer—Picnic in the Year Zero

J. D. Smith—Dachshunds of Buenos Aires

Paul Sohar—War Bread

D. E. Steward—The Line

Bianca Stewart--And

Julie Marie Wade—Hester Prynne . . .

— Morton’s Girl

Ronald Wallace—Dress Right Dress

Ian Williams—West of Boston

A.D. Winans—71 Going on 72

— Poem For Allen Ginsberg

Corey Zeller—The Background Singers . . .

Michelle Brafman—Washing the Dead

Randall Brown—Hiding Nothing

Brian Cooper—Inedible Fish

Barbara Westwood Diehl—The Ultimate Grand

Damian Dressick—Accrual

Louise Jarvis Flynn—Over the Moon

Espido Freire—The Wooden Monster

Avital Gad-Cykman—Such As Any

Yael Gen—Water

Myronn Hardy—Philosophy of the Dead

Michael Hemmingson—Why Don’t You Use Your
        Parking Space?

Nik Houser—The Kissing Booth Burns Down

Dallas Hudgens—Sixty in Twenties

Rosemary Jones—The Sichuan Princesses

Michael Kimball—Three Girlfriends

laudanum at 33 — welles

—an open letter


Jen Mikalski—Orion

Susan Smith Nash —Discourse & Dustin, Oklahoma Panhandle Gun & Coin

Andrew Oldham—Song of the Whale Boy

Steve Pastis—Wet Dogs of Hispaniola
        The Bucket Seats of Poets
        The Zesty Saints

Susan Perabo—End of Days

Deborah Pintonelli—Baby Love

Terri G. Scullen—Pullout

Martin Seay—from “The Mirror Thief”

Irene Svete—The Wake

David Veronese—A Boy in Need

Lisa Vogel—The Museum of This

Sue Williams—Where the Apple Rolls

Keith R. Wilson—Cleaning the Smoking Room

Tim Wirkus—Apiary

Sally Wilde —No One Knows You’re a God

Lisa Chun