Gargoyle 56 cover photo

Cover photo by Tom Chambers: “Icy Road”






Abbie J. Bergdale - Stuck Town 

Tyler Enfield - Novolin 

Shannon Willitts Falk - From Bail to Jail: What Happens in Between

Louis E. Bourgeois - Interview with Barry Hannah: Bat Out of Hell

Margaret K. Özemet - Dog in Black Lace Panties

Henry Ronan-Daniell - Like a Horror Movie without a Monster

Irene Turner - How Not to Get Work Done on Amtrak

Abdul Ali - The Subway Me
     - Burying the N-Word

Nin Andrews - My Life as a Bull
     - The Unattainable Orgasm
     - The Last Orgasm

Bonnie Auslander - A Brief History of Fasteners

Bridget Bell - Pink Skin, No Feathers 

Billie Bernard - The Door’s Mistake 

Jen Bills - Necklace

Amy Knox Brow - Let’s Pretend 
     - The Turkey Buzzards

Callista Buchen - Ode to Competitive Scrabble Players

John F. Buckley - Best-Seling Children’s Books According to the Salinas Scarab

Nancy Naomi Carlson - The Hat

Emily Carr - Chapter 8: (& When Hope Returned It was Another Hope Entirely)

Gladys Justin Carr - Love Story

Joan Colby - The Names of Torture 

Anne Colwell - Titus’s Hand
     - In the Ladies’ Bathhouse 

Nina Corwin - Rehearsal Dream with Upright Bass 

Chella Courington - Redder than Diane’s Lipstick

J. P. - Dancing Bear Lung 

Kristina Marie - Darling Dearest V.

Kelly Davio - Children’s Art is Asylum Art 

Andrea DeFoe - The Beast from the Lake and the Beast from the Forest 

Jaydn DeWald - Silent Cortège

Brendan Egan - The Back Porch is the All Sliver-giving Paint Job 

Renee Emerson - No One Can Camp Next to a Kentucky Redneck

Phil Estes - I am Enron and Josephine is My Samurai Poet Trained by Birds 

Benjamin Evans - Cheever in Blufton 

Naoko Fujimoto - Meadowsweet, Koi Kokoro 

Bernadette Geyer - Myopia: A Parable 

Joseph Goosey - Hiatus Is Widespread and Thickening 

Kevin Griffith - Eating the Piano 

Will Grofic - Dan Cemetery 

Jim Gross - Sourdough 1955
     - Song for a Suicide 

Ian Haight - Peacock Meditation at a Thai Nunnery 

Brenda Hammack - Syssigy

James Harms - Anorak Pop 

Marc Harshman - A Proper Decorum 

Jaimee Hills - Tonight the Character of Death Will Be Played by Brad Pitt

Emily Homrok - UNDERGROUND

Anna Maria Hong - DOY DOY

Amorak Hue - Guzzle 

Dani Raschel Jimene - Healing 

Jeffrey N. Johnson - Nine-Month Lease 

Michael Johnson - The Executioner 

Suzanne Karpilovsky - How the Radical Gods Left the Woods

David Keplinger - On Deciding Not to Enter the Museum of  Torture

Jascha Kessler - A Golden Anniversary

Janelle Elyse Kihlstrom - Contingency 

Sean Lause - Kafka Lived 

Laura LeHew - The Bunny Hoarder 

Grisella Martinez - Con Safo

Susan Maurer - Desiderata

Gerald A. McBreen - Delicacies

Gary L. McDowell - Child-Rearing 

Erika Meitner - 69

Brown Miller - To Come Back and to Sing

Elisabeth Murawski - Elegy for Green Eyes 

Weam Namou - The Veil of Vanilla and Fire

Carissa Neff - Physex
      - Distress over the Damsel

Gerald Nicosia - Dadio Pete 
      - The Beats in China
      - First Chinese Breakfast

B. Z. Niditch - Frank O’Hara in Soho 

Saïdeh Pakravan - What I heard this morning 

Earl Patrick - A Teardrop Fracture of the C4 Vertebral Body

Simon Perchik - *

Nanette Rayman Rivera - Fate Discovers a Fish

Stephen R. Roberts - In Remembrance of the Creature

Kathleen Rooney - ’Tis the Season to Submit

Jenny Sadre-Orafai - Instructions for the Cheat 

Joshua Sapan - Floating Above the City to Irving Berlin

James Schlatter - Conception of  Skolopendra 

E. M. Schorb - The Final Tithe

Gregory Sherl - Basic Cable

Lucy Simpson - Transformation in White 

Ronnie Sirmans - Lot and Daedalus 

William Soule - Remembering Father 

Carlie St. George - Brains 

David Starkey - Renaissance Humor 
      - To the Science Professor across the Canyon, Who Died

D. E. Steward - Latrine 

Kurt Straube - For M. B.

Emily Tallman - Backstage at the 1999 Miss California Pageant

Simon A. Thalmann - Maybe Boston 

Holly Welker - 1812 Overture 

WMR - Mortality 

Emma Sky Wolf - Time for Herself 

Kathi Wolfe - If I Have to Leave

Joseph P. Wood - Good Night Nobody, Good Night Mush 

Deborah Woodard - Junior High Bathing Suit Muse 

Ernie Wormwood - Emily 

Charles Edward Wright - e

Ed Zahniser - Treatment Plan

Forrest Aguirre - Fosiloctopus 

Naoko Awa - A Summer’s Dream 

Matt Bell - Edgar, Edric, Eduardo 

R. E. Bowse - Our Mother, Like a Kite 

Hadley Boyd - Inner Landscape 

Ryan W. Bradley - Motherhood 

Blair Braverman - Watching Russia

Ken Brosky - I Just Can’t Turn It Off 

Monica Byrne - The Reclamation Rite of One April Nora Hess 

Caryn Coyle - Delusions

Stephanie Dickinson - When the Snow Leopard Stalks the River 

Amy Dodgen - Realistic Painting for the Blind

Robert Epstein - Comments on a Book Reproducing an Ancient Bas-Relief Sculpture 

Colin Fleming - Piles, or, Climaxing in a Forest Fire 

Abby Frucht - Old Inn Door 

Jeremy Garrett - In the Library 

Roxanne Gay - How the Girl in the Glass Sheds Her Skin 

Luke Geddes - Betty and Veronica 

Greg Gerke - Mother and Son 

Hilary Goldstein - The Dream Eater 

Peter Grandbois - Appliances 

Dustin M. Hoffman - Zombies! Rodemom!

Karen Holman - Paper House 

Ani Kachbalian - When Blowfish Forget Love 

Christina Kapp - Things to Do When It Rains 

Zane Kotker - What’s Wrong with Sushi?

Dylan Landis - Centrifuge 

Michael Landweber - Amuse Bouche 

laudanum at 33 - from “Flannel Bell”

Marti Leimbach - Nicky, Aged 10

Alexander Lumans - Cormac McCarthy, Walmart Greeter

Ravi Mangl - Hair 

Sam J. Miller - The Last Sleepover 

Shilo Morlang - A Bicycle Built for Two 

Amy Ng - Shoes 

Kevin O’Cuinn - Un Sac Comme Le Mien 

G. C. Perry - The Doughnut Eaters 

Meg Pokrass - Underneath
     - Surrogate 

Glen Pourciau - Bounce

Eman Quotah - Glory

Shannon Robinson - How to Get a Man 

Fred Skolnik - Adrift in the Global Village

Emma Straub - Soap

Susan Tepper - Glue

Anne-E. Wood - Theater of the Sea 

Geoff Wyss - Arms

Brigit Kelly Young -
The Raccoon Chronicles

Shellie Zacharia - The Arborist Shows Up on Saturday Afternoon

Tom Chambers - Icy Road (cover)

Lydia Conklin - Farm Kitties 

Lydia Conklin - About a Tear