Cover photo by Cassia Beck.






Jim Krosschell
• Consider the Moose

Chip Livingston
• Talking About the Dead

Kat Meads
• Margaret Mitchell’s Dump

Doug Rice • Bad Education: Freshman Year Slippery Rock State College

Curtis Smith • On Dreams and Other Illusions of Reality

Riggin Waugh • My Belly and Me


Yesim Agaoglu • my tongue licks • transvestite • night’s dress

Joel Allegretti • The Dick Van Dyke Show: The Unaired Episodes

R. A. Allen • 62 Moons

Nin Andrews • The Orgasm Master • The Oh • The Last Orgasm

Francesca Bell • Endometrial Biopsy • Going to the Sperm Bank • In Due Season

Gary Blankenburg • After John Donne • Cosmology • The Sky-Blue Barn

C. L. Bledsoe • Paper Cuts • The Rube Goldberg Device of the Heart • The Unnatural World • La Brea High

Sarah Browning • Kissing Boys • File Room Job

Matthew Burnside • A Brief/Infinite Summer of Playing House

Robert Champ • All I Care About • Things Falling

Patrick Chapman • Shokushu Goukan

Rene Char • An Explained Enigma, Little Touches of Love (tr. by Nancy Naomi Carlson)

Lily Chiu • Mulberries

Lisa Chun • How to Coax the Soul Out of the Words that Want to Become a Poem • Yes, This Is the Way Dreams Get Built

Jo Ann ClarkAbecedary for a Despot

Tobi Cogswell • No Hemlock for Me

Joan Colby • The Wing-Back Chair

Nina Corwin • Re: Orientation

Bill Costley • NO DRAFT, NO WAR, Just Peace

Eric Crawford • You there with the legs

Kelly Cressio-Moeller • Double Helix

Kristina Marie Darling • An Index of Illustrations

Patricia Dearing • Trophy

Sean Thomas Dougherty • Canzone Composed with Your Wetness on My Fingers

Theresa Senato Edwards • excerpt from “Wing Bones” (verse novel in progress)

Kristina England • True Story • Dear Avocado Flower

Andy Fogle • Groundless Sketch

Rebecca Foust • The Ones with the Guns

Sarene Friedman • Having no mercy • The Innocuous House of Butchery

Theophile Gautier • Song (tr. by Len Krisak)

Christine Gelineau • Eating Blueberries

Stephen Gibson • Plate 36: Berlin

Maria Gillan • This Year for the First Time Ever • We’re into It Now, This New Year

Mary L. Grow • White Bones & Beauty

Herb Guggenheim • Pete Sussman Leaves on a Jet Plane

Joe Hall • First & Last Poem about Teaching Comics During a Time of War • Pastoral • Ken Shines • Dream of Hipsters

Maryanne Hannan • A Short Manual on Flying • Walter Mitty, Wonderbra and I Were Born in 1947

Catherine Harnett • Where You Live • Obit

Johnny Hartner • Lori, Robin & Gwen

Jamie Lynn Heller • Dr. MacDougall’s Twenty-One Grams

Elizabeth Jackson • Picture Window

Brad Johnson • Maria Bello Naked

Rocky Jones • Dracula and His Bitches

Carolyn Kegel • When We Moved Here

Ty Kessinger • Bluegrass

Joan Payne Kincaid • We’ve Made a Pet of Her

Alyse Knorr • Alice in the First Act • Jenny’s House Electrocutes Alice

Rachel Korr • Conversations

Peter LaBerge • After 32 Days at Stockton

Gary Leising • Ants

Sara Levy • Hindsight

Laura Linzer • Citing Authority

Charles H. Lynch • The Hoodibah

M. Mack • What Toast?

Patrick Mckinnon • poem for my daughters

Dennis Mahagin • New Lows in Elevator Music

Mary Claire Mahaney • Suzette

Stephen Malin • St. Foutin

Sandra Marchetti • Retourner

Richard Martin • Empty Mailbox

David McAleavey • To Ginsberg, who visited Wichita • Sightings

Mark Melnicove • Zelda’s Painting

Devon Miller-Duggan • Liam Rector, Who Once Wrote a Poem About a Chair Who Smoked Cigarettes and Thought Deep ...

Charlotte Mitchell • Crack

Michael Monroe • Dance of the Skeletons

Miles David Moore • Fatslug and the Little Dog

J. Scott Mosel • Dialectical Ghost Lines

Elisabeth Murawski • I smile at you • Henry at the Bridge

David Taylor Nielsen • My Underwear • 

normal • in the doorway

Catherine Owen • Two years since you died, or nearly: a glossa • Homage to my father’s tearlessness

Kathleen M. Quinlan • “One Classy Bitch”

Robin LaMer Rahija
• Swimming the Firth of Forth

Maritza Rivera • Shibari

Kim Roberts • The Thing in the Thing

Jay Rubin • Day of the Dead

Helen Ruggieri • Goodbye Jack Kerouac

M. A. Schaffner • The Onion Apps

Gregory Sherl • Nine Out of Ten Republicans Will Not Buy My Next Poetry Collection

Amber Shockley • Daniel Was Failing French, So He Hired a Tutor

Barry Silesky • Her Voice • French Toast

Edgar Gabriel Silex • Fortune • Graduation

Noel Sloboda • Dear University Office of Risk Management • Passages

Emma Sovich • Of Two Mouths • Of Two Davids

Barry Spacks • A Seagull

Richard Spilman • Last Days of the Dynasty

Medeia Starfire • House Gown

D. E. Steward • WCTU

Tom Sturch • Pioneer Species • Currents

Doc Suds •

Tim Suremondt • Bartleby in Ho Chi Minh City • Finding the Book I’d Been Looking For

Ed Taylor • Bear Crossing • Icarus

Sue Ellen Thompson • The Paper Dress

Maureen Thorson • Purple Haze

Hannah Tomlets • So I Made You Pregnant (tr. by Harry Leeds)

M. Kaat Toy • Low Tensile Strength

Meredith Trede • An American in a French Cemetery

Sara Uribe • clepsydra
• Diana (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)

P.C. Vandal • In the House No One Plays • Something From Nothing

Helen Vitoria • Being Philomena

Dillon J. Welch • Today, Your Spirit Animal is on Sale at IKEA

Brandi Wells • unsuccessful interloper • jury member • the handsome man

Cate Whetzel • Isty, Chantress of Amun, in the Two Lands • The Seam • To Chauvet Cave

J. T. Whitehead • Chrome

Charles Wilkinson • -lith

Mary-Sherman Willis • A Door, A Mat

Shangrila Willy • The Snow Queen

A.D. Winans • Thinking Back to My Publishing Days

Pamela Murray Winters
• The Essential Man

William Wolak • Irresistible as a Wish • What Love Protects

Kathi Wolfe • Frank O’Hara Speaks of Helen Keller

Deborah Woodward
• McGuffey: The Generous Traveler • McGuffey: Anna’s Nettle

Katherine E. Young • Fish Tale • On the Bosphorus

Kevin Zambrano

Anya Achtenberg • Business

Alex Bach • Making Mickey

Mark Baechtel • Event Horizon

Marc Berley • Life in Earnest

Lucy E. M. Black • The Shoe Tree

Ann Bogle • Dreams from the Station

Sean Brijbasi • H hide-you Place

Rae Bryant • A Love Letter to Steven Tyler’s Lips

Claudia Burbank • Triple Back-Flip Aria

Kevin Catalano • Deleted Scenes

Adrienne Celt • In Deep

Lucas Church • Knockabout

Meg Cowen • Go With It

Lori D’Angelo • Life/Art

Jim Daniels • 13-Part Story with Mime

Barbara DeCeasare • She is Going to Bring You a Difficult Life (A Novel)

Shannon Derby • One Way to the Afterlife

Guillermo Fadanelli
• Strawberry Flavored Kool-Aid (tr. by Joel Streicker)

Connor Ferguson • Advantage

Gary Fincke • Gettysburg

Leigh C. Grant • Cake

Michael Hemmingson
• Scooby-Do

Nancy Hightower • Unleashed Beauty

Alison Condie Jaenicke
• Electric Circus

Daniel Kharms • [671]

The Descent (Nearby and Far Away) [tr. by Alex Cigale]

Peter Kispert • Things I Do For Leila Stryker

Beth Konkoski • Golden Rule

Justin Lee • Not My Blood

Joseph Levens • Due Diligence

Christopher Linforth • The Lake

Teresa Milbrodt • Comment Cards

Tim Millas • The Idea of Isabel

Donna Moss • Night Owl

Kevin O’Cuinn • At the Neuwiener Hutte

Donají Olmedo • 1814 (tr. by Toshiya Kamei)

David Plumb • From Dream in a Market Place

Meredith Pond • To Whale Camp

Doug Ramspeck • Water Tower

Jeff Richards • Whipped

Nick Sansone • The Fourth Pig

Sarah Seybold • Unfinished

Susan Tepper • A Year Is a Long Time

Sally Toner • Termites

Meg Tuite • Thy Blood is Cold

Julie Wakeman-Linn • The Kitchen Closes at 7

Barrett Warner • “Ha Fucking Ha”

Vallie Lynn Watson • That Doesn’t Sleep, That Never Sleeps

Jenni Wiltz • Integers and Atoms

Nin Andrews • 2 cartoons

Eleanor Leonne Bennett • photo

Dmitry Borshch • frontis • The Making of Brothers

Kathy Ferrell • cartoon

Leslie F. Miller • Pix of 5 Baltimore Poets and Writers: Rafael Alvarez •David Beaudouin • David Franks • Alan Reese • MiMi Zannino

Sheila Walsh/Jennifer Scope • e-pitaphs