"Urban Graveyard Crows," © Donna Snyder 2010.





Angela Featherstone—God Said No

Thalia Field Interview by Jorge Armenteros

Andy Fogle—The Day I Became a Grown-Up

Sunil Freeman— Frank Memories: Zappa in College Park

Samina Najmi—The Little Room on the Roof

José Padua—The Sixty-Year History of My Family’s Presence in the Valley as Presented in Seven Short but Not Quite Slender Paragraphs
—The Philosophy of Flowers v. The Speed of Life

Carrie Addington—Body As

Shane Allison—Teenage —Drag Queen
—Todd’s Wife, Kerry
—Lavender Wedding

Sara Backer—Postcard From a Past Life Goth

Mary Bargteil—Perhaps She Will not Die Today

Charles Baudelaire—I Love You as I Love the Vault of Night
—The Taste for Nothingness (tr. by Lola Haskins)

Grace Bauer—Detours

Guy R. Beining—felt tongue 160.

Candace Black—A Daughter’s Tour of Duty: Vietnam 2006

Linda Blaskey—Grand Canyon Honeymoon, 1928

Paula Bonnell—Afterwards

Rich Boucher—Using a Candle to Tell the Time

Judith Bowles—L.S.M.F.T.

Steven Breyak—The Gunman

Valentina Cano—Rejecting Domesticity

James Cervantes—I Want You to Understand

Joan Colby—Clio Prepares for Surgery

Barbara Crooker— Dreaming of Florida

Michael Daley—Grace

Kelly Davio—Round: “In the Kingdom of Thud, Globes Plummet to Black”

William Virgil Davis —Corminbouef 432

Joanne Rocky Delaplaine—Pregnant

Sarah Einstein—This Is the Problem with all that New Age Bullshit about Positive Thinking and Not Letting the Disease Win

Kristina England—Sticky Sweet

Gary Fincke—Girl’s Talk (a sequence)

Rebecca Foust—Against Plastic Surgery
—The Poet’s Calling

Jesse Glass—Radio-controlled Jags o’ Jeffers: a Para-human

John Gosslee—Patchwork

James Grinwis—Landscape of Serene Debauchery

Jim Gross—5 Egrets Descending
—Poem for Bill Knott

Herbert S. Guggenheim —Timmy

Michael Gushue—The Empire Limited
—Godzilla, King of Monsters

Piotr Gwiazda—A Poem

Johnny Hartner—Snapshot of the Holy Ghost

Lola Haskins—Because He Fails to Look Up

Elizabeth Hazen—Ghost Story

Allison Hedge-Coke—‘73

Erin Hoover—On the Origin of Species

Suzanne Marie Hopcroft—The Sun May Eventually Engulf the Earth
—Oral History

Tod Ibrahim—For the First Time Stronger
—Together We Are the Judas Horse

Jacqueline Jules—Storm in the Neighborhood

John King—Six Flags Stars Hall of Fame Wax Museum
—Dioramas of the Inquisition

Sandra Kolankiewicz—How to Survive the Flood

Beth Konkoski—Sleep Away Camp

Gary Leising—How to Exhume a Body
—Not As Unlucky

Melvin E. Lewis—At Their Head

Lyn Lifshin—Before the First Red Comes into the Maples
—Horses and Dancers
—A Year after the Filmmaker
—I Think of the Young Girl
—After the Blue Mosque Dream
—Apricots, Figs and Late Nights, Cappadocia

Adrian C. Louis—Morphine Jesus

Mary Mackey—Coriolis Effect
—Rio +3 Degrees

David McAleavey—Loose crown for Claude McKay

Margaret McCarthy—Vertigo 1
—Vertigo 2

Dora E. McQuaid—Tunnel of Love

Mark Melnicove—Means Test

Stephen C. Middleton—In Defense of Hoboes (Veiled)

Devon Miller-Duggan—The Magnetic Fields . . .

Roberto Montes—One way to be a person is to believe a matrix is a serious work
—One way to be a person is to be a model citizen

Christopher Morgan—A Bloom in My Habitat

Elisabeth Murawski—On a Fragment from Sappho

David Taylor Nielsen—Superman’s Sperm
—Zombies 1

Meredith Pond—At Montrose Park

Shelley Puhak—An Infomercial for the Ladies-in-Waiting
—Guinevere, Supine

Carol Quinn—My Reykjavik

Charles Rammelkamp—Disgrace

Elizabeth Rees—Trespass

Maritza Rivera—Jealousy

Kim Roberts—Kim Roberts

Stuart Ross—Dick TV

Tomaz Salamun—Holderlin in Bordeaux

Gregg Shapiro—How to Flirt
—The Indignities

Gary J. Shipley—Barf Chair

Noel Sloboda—Last Days of the Mattress King

Rose Solari—Another Country

Kurt Steinwand—Black & White 1966

D. E. Steward—Off Kiritimati
— I Won’t Be Familiar Again

Meredith Trede—Child of My Child
—Xian Warriors

James Valvis—How I Became Mexico

Rebecca Villareal—Fairy Lashes

Michael Waters—Quoting Rumi

Julia Wendell—Wafers

Basil White—Thalia Says Goodbye
—What a Hunting Dog Knows

Gregg Wilhelm—What Ink

Shangrila Willy—Concerto the First

Pamela Murray Winters
—An Imagined Garbo . . .

Bill Yarrow—What the Hell Am I Doing?

Theodora Ziolkowski—Brontë for Beginners

Rafael Alvarez—The Long Vietnam of My Soul

Carolyn Banks—Swimming

Debra Booth—Behind the Lens

Alison Bundy—Beloved
—Seasonal Tale

Sophy Burnham—Samurai Sword

Theodore Carter—Teddy Wins

Peter Cherches—At the Optician's
—Two Stirrings
—Young Peter Cherches . . .

Kelly Cherry—A Dream with the Wind in It

Anne Colwell—Produce Boy

Trevor Dodge—Careless Whisper

Eurydice—from “EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy”

Myronn Hardy—Melting Tower Among Sheep

Shelby Settles Harper—Who Killed the Sparrow?

Wayne Karlin—That Minute: Jacksonville, North Carolina, 1965

W F Lantry—One Percent

Raima Larter—The Healer

Nathan Leslie—A Helping Hand

Nick Mamatas—Slice of Life

Franetta McMillian—The Fall of Rome

Amelie Olaiz—Adrift
—Parallel Paradises
—Change or Die
—A Woman’s Nickname([tr. by Toshiya Kamei)

Ted Pelton—The Skunk and the Sloth

Deborah Pintonelli—Paper People

Misti Rainwater-Lites—Body as Temple
—Deaf Date

Kit Reed—Manners

Lou Robinson—All Four Feet in the Air

Lynda Schor—The Sexual Harassment Rules

E. M. Schorb—Weightless

Helen Maryles Shankman— The Jew Hater

Katherine Smith—The Woman Who Made Men Angry

Marilyn Stablein—The Rat Tavern
—Rat Currency

Marija Stajic—Sparrows

Art Taylor—Precision

David A. Taylor—Lovely, Dark and Deep

Susan Tepper—Floods

Sally Toner—In a Different Key

An Tran—The Message of My Skin

Paul West—Bolivians Are Getting Shorter

Tom Whalen—from “The Secret Correspondence: A Novel of Novels”

Paula Whyman—Jump

Zhenya Gore—socks (photo)

Doug Rice–Here Lies Memory; 3 photos/w text

Marilyn Stablein—High Time (collage)

Randi Ward—Wired (photo)