Deborah Russell in front of one of her canvases—
3x4 ft. mixed oil, acrylic, some ink and plaster. Photo by Gene Tanski, Tanski Studio and Gallery, Loveland, CO

Here's one of the stories from this issue of Gargoyle: KarenChaseStory





John Bacon—from A Greater Awakening

Karen Chase—Oedipus in the Back Seat

Michael Hemmingson—The Last Days of My Father

Jose Padua—Turn Up Your Radio

Janet Steen—The Gravity of the Situation

Abdul Ali—Holy
—Broken Watch
—How to Begin a Short Film

R. A. Allen—Gun Control.2
—The Quality of Laughter

Nin Andrews—The Mentascopy
—Submission Guidelines for Open Press

Glen Armstrong—Afro-Wig

Cynthia Bargar—Don’t Wear Pearls to Therapy

Stacy Barton—Between Boughs
—Standing By

Virginia Bell—Forgiveness

Michael Berton—Phlegm and Philosophy

Marc Carver—2nd Free Beer

Michael Casey—three ladies to Manchester

Susan Charkes—How to Move a Mountain
—I Stand at Your Gate

Lisa Cihlar—Carving Burr

Grant Clauser—Ode to a Jackalope

Abigail Cloud—Paulo Aims to Stay Grounded

Robert Cole—Barbes

Katharine Coles—Self-Portrait Up in the Air
—Canis Latrans

Robert Cooperman—Have You Fallen

Melissa Cundieff—Fairy Tale

J.K. Daniels—As Mary Magdalene

Nick D’Annunzio Jones—Seven Cities I Have Called Home

Nicelle Davis—Foot Note 2
—Foot Note 3
—Foot Note 5

Holly Day—Quiet, Like Marble

Margaret Del Guercio— From the Top
—How Long You in For?
—Anne and Richard: She Picks Her Poison

Stephen Devereux—Roof Space

Jennifer K. Dick— Four poems from the CERN 200 Project

George Drew—Why I Could Marry Temperance Brennan

Blair Ewing—My Favorite Communist

Ken Fifer—Gloss

Majda Gama—There Are No Straight Lines in Nature

Gerald George—Figment Ninety

C. John Graham—Faultless

Andrea L. Hackbarth —Inventory #31

Paul Hellweg—Dien Bien Phu Cemetery

Kyle Hemmings—The Ghost of Yul Brynner
—A Poem for the Dead

Michael Hemmingson—The Future Poet

Katherine Anderson Howell—Burning House

Siel Ju—A Reading
—A Drinking Solo

Peycho Kanev—Poet in New England

Jennifer Kietzman—Economy of Means
—The Idea Of

Maureen Kingston—Hey, Venus

M. J. Kledzik—Amputations

Lora Knight—Domestic Desire

Mercedes Lawry—Begin the Week and What Have You

Allison Lee—Chester Avenue Bus Station, 1999

Susan Lewis—A Sense of Community

John MacDonald—Jesus Sleeps In

Michael Martin—On the Eve of Her Retirement, on a Cross Atlantic Flight, A United Airline Stewardess ...

Marsha Mathews—Tribal Court in the Bush

Susan H. Maurer—Al Mutannabi

Charles Ramsay McCrory—wreck porn couple

Ro McFarland—Poetry Reading at the Art Gallery

Kevin McLellan—Surveyors

Cedrick Mendoza-Tolentino—The Jesus Fish

—The Wedding Dress

Ana Merino—untitled poem

The Fifth Heaven [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]

Sheryl L. Nelms—In the Seguin Cemetery

Sunset Pier, Key West, Florida

Amanda Newell—A Labor Day Story

normal—remembering sean

Shawnte Orion—Colors Stored for Never

Ann A. Philips—Empty Pasture

Kathleen M. Quinlan—The Hotel Housekeeper’s Daughter

Rebekah Remington—Forty

Susie Reynolds—Boots

—Ma voisine l’oiseau de neige (Paris)

Christine Rhein—Overload

David Romanda—Heart- Shaped Box

Kalen Rowe—Humane

George J. Searles—Shoptalk

Claudia Serea—After Nina’s Funeral ...
—The Street Shaped Like a Key

Marisa Silva-Dunbar—We Invited Discord to the Family Dinner

Michael Spring—jazz in the time of war
—new tribe

Marjorie Stelmach— Learning to Use Our Scalpels

Dariel Suarez—(My) Colossus

Parker Tettleton—7-4
—I Won’t Be Familiar Again

Charles F. Thielman—His Teenage Octave
—Steps Away from Undertow

John J. Trause—The Mermaid
—Winter Cabbage

Quinn White—Amnesia

Jill Williams—Speculum

L.B. Williams—At Fourteen

Pamela Murray Winters—Whip-Smart

Anne Harding Woodworth—You Ask Me What’s in My Little Notebook?

Wynn Yarbrough—What Wild Play Enrages in Us

Andrew Bales—Tori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth

Jennie Berner—Unsettled

Matthew Blasi—Serenade, Promenade

Gerri Brightwell—Beast

Amy Bush—Cement Breath

Dana Cann—Platform

Peter Caputo—The Rising Stench of Perfumed Angels

Gabriel Don—Cesspools and Treasure Chests

Jay Duret—Sushi

James Dye—There are no Established Protocols for Entertaining Rogue Comets

Lauren Fairbanks—from “Superpower(s)”

Lydia Morris Fettig—Soap

Julia Figliotti—Skin-Deep

Matthew Finn—A Brief History of Sushi

April L. Ford—Bleary

Thaisa Frank--Anesthesia

Faith Gardner—The Red Button

Sabina Grogan—The Woods Witch

Diane Gurman—Swimming to the Siren’s Song

Paul Handley—5 Stages of Dog Grief
—Our Anecdotal Integrity

Gloria L. Huang—Down to the Bottom

Gilles Leroy—from Alabama Song [tr. J. T. Townley]

Peter Tieryas Liu—Phobia

Mary Luttrell—Fractures

Jønathan Lyons—Calling

Joe Mills—At the Edelweiss Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Rebecca Nison—Story Time

Kevin O’Cuinn—The Water Carrier

Abby Mei Otis—Sex Dungeons for Sad People

Virgie Townsend—Warm and Disloyal

Jacqueline Vogtman—As She Waited

Theodore Wheeler—Shame Cycle

Kirby Wright—Leg of Jen

Timothy Zila—Thing-in-itself

Cover photo: Baltimore artist Deborah Russell, photo by Gene Tanski, Tanski Studio and Gallery

Frontispiece: Allen Forrest—New York Noir 2 —Memphis Minnie
—Lulu Jackson
—Blind Willie McTell

Dan Vera—portraits of DC Poets: Bomani Armah, Guy, Back, Holly Bass, Regie Cabico, Grace Cavalieri, Kim Roberts, and Joseph Ross