Cover photo for Gargoyle #64 by Chris Cardinale.





Jorge Armenteros • Pushing Outside the Received: An Interview with
Laird Hunt

Jamie Brown • On PTSD in The Great Gatsby

George Choundas • Tampa, Florida, 1184 B.C.

Shasta Grant • One-Night Stand

David Reich • Dispatch from the Crime Wave

Nancy Nau Sullivan • Isla

Elisha Wagman • The Tall Tale of a Recovering Liar

Tim Wendel • Prologue—The Cancer Cowboys

R. A. Allen • Office Casualties

Aaron Anstett • What You Mean by “I”
   • The Bargain

Cynthia Atkins • My Password
  • Graffiti Is My Mother

Sara Backer • Aphasia Blues

Stacey Balkun • Father

Tina Barr • Gospels in a Jar

Lisa Marie Basile • Four Poems

Alessandra Bava • The Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Les Goddesses

Paulette Beete • Blonde Ambition

Jacquelyn Bengfort • We Take the Bus

Jennifer Jackson Berry • Orgasm in Iowa

Mary Biddinger • Most Unique, Mint Condition
   • Horizon-Free Living
   • A Little Action
   • Conspicuous Consumption
   • Consolation Prize

Paula Bonnell • The House of Old Lovers

Jim Bourey • Amaryllis, Snow, Dementia

Janet Bowdan • On Nighthawks and Other Western Art Showing
Women Listening to Men

Judith Bowles • If I Were a Catholic

Shirley J. Brewer • Queen Kong

Jamie Brown • Beatitudes

Mary Buchinger • Pardon me, deserts, that I don’t rush to you bearing a spoonful of water.

Jessie Carty • A Conversation I Didn’t Have with Li-Young Lee

Sara Biggs Chaney • The Problem with Daisy Buchanan

Susan Cohen • Ankus

Joan Colby • Pandora

Flower Conroy • Artificial Red

Kelly Cressio-Moeller • Something to Remember
    • Suburban Aubade with French Horn

Barbara Crooker • Weather Systems
   • Sins of Omission

Teresa d’Arenys • This

Ariana D. Den Bleyker • She Paints Pictures of Animals Dying
   • Nature Wears Black Upon the Death of August

Melanie Dunbar • Red Barn, Tin Roof

Jared A. Duran • The Chewing of Gum
   • Hospitals of the Heart and Mind

Meg Eden • Tokyo Steakhouse

Moira Egan • Paestum Rose
   • Lagerfeld for Men
   • Baudelaire

Rachel Eisler • iLear
   • Guest Speaker

Kristina England • A Poem to Golfe Juan
   • And maybe it was

Joyce Maust Enzor • In Her—Portraits of Myself
   • Never Look in the Eyes

Nausheen Eusuf • Chapped

Danielle Evennou • Ode to Gaby Hoffmann’s Telegenic Bush
   • What Happened

Robert Evory • Mistake
   • Forgetting

Irene Fick • Sex on the Sand

Margie Fuston • Zombie Vanity

Stephen Gibson • Musée des Beaux Arts Update

E. Laura Golberg • If I Were a Car

John Gosslee • 4 Erasure Poems

Eric Greinke • Breakfast for Paranoids

John Grey • I Was Not a Hit

Jim Gross • Guillem de Poitou 1071–1127
   • Dad’s Fish
   • Hard Pressed No. 6
   • Clarity
   • Green Shadwell

Hedy Habra • Or Don’t You Ever Offer Yourself as a Main Course

Maryanne Hannan • Another Cock & Bull Story

Kevin Heaton • Michael Landon

Paul Hellweg • Taking a Trip to London
   • The Sorrow of War
   • A New Journey Begins

Robert Herschbach • Space 1999

Amy Holman • Relief of Unknown God Found at the Crossroads

Anna Maria Hong • Snowem I
   • Snowem II
   • Snowem III

Paul House • Poem for Anna
   • Good Friday in Salamanca
   • Miguel Hernández

Donald Illich • Falling

Sonja James • Spellbound

Jessie Janeshek • Day Tripping, Geronimo Trail

Brett Elizabeth Jenkins • Two Stars Coming out of a Shovel
   • A Basic Guide to Numismatics

Mark Allen Jenkins • Cocoons

Brad Johnson • Delayed Gratification

Bill Jones • On the Ground in Medellín
   • What the Fodor’s Guide Didn’t Tell Us
   • What I Know About Anthrax

E. C. Jones • Rusti’s Song
   • For Miles Davis

Jill Khoury • Sonnet for Ambien

Joan Payne Kincaid • A Martini at Five P.M. Smooths Transitions

Laurie Kolp • Faire un Triple
   • Going Braless

Gerry LaFemina • Arguing Faith with the Agnostics

Linda Lerner • Waiting for the D Train

Duane Locke • Word Trance No. 85

Jennifer MacBain-Stephens • Statoblast

John MacDonald • From Juarez

Michael Mark • Visiting My Daughter

Jennifer Martelli • Pete Townshend’s Voice behind Me, the Snowplow’s Blade before Me

Richard Martin • I Think I Can Answer That

Rita Maria Martinez • The Madwoman

Cynthia Matsakis • A Winter Landscape

Susan H. Maurer • Risk
   • James Foley
   • The Polar Vortex

Margaret McCarthy • I Wish I Could Drive
   • Surfer

Leigh McDonald • 70° in December
   • J.R.S., 1962

Dora E. McQuaid • Origin (#7)

Marla Melito • The Burqa

Michael Milburn • Seamus Heaney at Harvard

Devon Miller-Duggan • Disorderly Abecedarian.5: Calendar

Gloria Mindock • On Top of His Stomach, a Boat Was Floating

Nancy Carol Moody • Please Remain Seated until the Captain Has
Turned off the Seatbelt Sign

Miles David Moore • A Soaking Rain

Dave Morice • The Final Art

Elisabeth Murawski • Childish Things
   • The Present

Maria Nazos • Rock ’n’ Roll Fever
   • For a Good Time, Call Morphine

Sheryl L. Nelms • Kansas Wheat Farmer
   • Rosetta

Rodney Nelson • From a Letter to the Lost

Joe Nicholas • The Trees are Ever Embracing
   • The Water Spiral

Greg Olsen • Love and Dinosaurs

Raul Palma • Batido de Mamey

Theresa Pappas • Questions for the New Year
   • Local News
   • Dream Survey

Kate Peper • Balloon

Andrea Potos • It Happens in Greece

Richard Prins • The Beverages

Jessica Quah • 妈 (mā)

Charles Rammelkamp • AuH2O
   • Singer-Songwriter-Stalker

Elizabeth Rees • Intern Culture

David Romanda • Bucket List
   • Next Big Thing

Marty Sanchez-Lowery • Chinese Ink
   • Dancing Your Age

Lorraine Schein • A Nevelson Triptych

Janice Lynch Schuster • Language Acquisition

Eric Paul Shaffer • God as a Dispenser of Pez

Judith Skillman • Andy Warhol Circa 2015

Gary Sloboda • Through Radnóti’s Eyes
   • St. Rose
   • Ohio Riff

Noel Sloboda • The Patron Saint of Piggy Banks
   • At the Tattoo Removal Center

Amy Souza • Dissolution
   • Way Out

The Poet Spiel • interpretive solo
   • the preaching

Richard Spilman • Summer in Taipei, 1968

D. E. Steward • Beyond Herat
   • Habermas

Holly Stone • Revolutionary Pudding

Bradley R. Strahan • Rattlebone’s Theory of History

Alison Carb Sussman • Acting Like a Woman

Marc Swan • Acceleration

Dennis James Sweeney • 66°20’S 124°38’E

Pia Taavila-Borsheim • Peaches
   • Toward Death

Jeff Talmadge • Reunion
   • Cross-Country Drive
   • Just Another Town

Jason Tandon • Lines in Early Autumn
   • Locker Room

Jim Taylor • Crusoe and I

M. Kaat Toy • Neologism Psychosis

Meredith Trede • What Will You Wear to War, Darling Boy
   • Steel the Soldiers’ Hearts

Randi Ward • Home

Danae Weimer • In the Orchid’s Voice of Waiting

Derek JG Williams • Archivists

Pamela Murray Winters • Two Texas Folk Films

Laryssa Wirstiuk • Central Avenue Voodoo

Bill Wolak • Wind-seeking Seeds

Michele Wolf • Forest Encampment

William Kelley Woolfitt • Manzanar Haibun (ii)

Kirby Wright • Driving by SeaWorld
   • The Leaping Off Place

Alyssa Yankwitt • I’m the One Who Burns

Ed Zahniser • The Tibetan Buddhism GPS Device
   • Persistence of the Parent Tapes
   • National Anthem at Birth, 1814: An Homage
   • Ted Berrigan Visits the National Gallery of Art

Burgi Zenhaeusern • Mass at Easter in the Alps

Claudia Apablaza • My Father Seems to Think I’m a Fakir

Bill Beverly • A Good Man

Elizabeth Bruce • Van Camp’s Pork & Beans

Jennifer H. Catto • Don’t Panic, Don’t Pull

Megan Giddings • Between Sternum and Heart

Nancy Hightower • Evangelical Wonderland

Christian Holt • Confessions of a College Admissions Officer

Beth Konkoski • Saying Goodbye

Pavel Lembersky • Cat-Dogs
   • Girl Wants to Be a Politologist

Louise Wareham Leonard • from 52 Men

Kate Lu • Ways to Breathe While Drowning

Fiona J. Mackintosh • Janus

James Magruder • Shift Work

Mary Claire Mahaney • On Cheeko Lake

Lily Meyer • Meyerland

Joseph Wendell Miller • Desert Girl

Michael Minchin • Tools

Terence Mulligan • Tom’s World

Judith O’Neill • Dreams of Croatia

W. P. Osborn • On the Role of Venus in the Abduction of Helen

Meredith Pond • Delgado and the Bike Shop Boys

Miranda Schwartz • The Shine of Fates

Yvonne J Seng • Montana Mermaid

Gregg Shapiro • My Mother’s Vanity

Beate Sigriddaughter • Blind Tiresias

Sarah Nicole Smetana • Modern Commons

Marija Stajic • Bucket of Fat

Caleb Tankersley • Godzilla Girl

Susan Tepper • Son of Leon

Ursula Villarreal-Moura • Honeymoon in Zagreb, 2009

Vallie Lynn Watson • The Dead You’ve Left

Katherine West • A Good Hand

Shannon Connor Winward • BabyCake

Hananah Zaheer • Listening for Storms


Christopher Woods • Ferris Wheel

Erica Orgen • Couple

Stephen Gibson • Counterattack (collage)

Erica Orgen • Nap

Marika von zellen • Child Prisoner of the Gaol