Cover Art for Gargoyle #70: RP’s Uncle Jim Hudson circa 1930s.





Amy Bush • Bloodflowers

Chelsey Clammer • And that’s How You Do It

Nancy Hightower • The Songs of My Youth

Amanda Miska • Nuptial Flight

James J. Patterson • Hermes and The Bathtub

Marilyn Stablein • Adventures in Spelling

Susan Tepper • Migrations

Mark Terrill • The Wall Redux

Shirley Vernick • Friday Night and All That

Ivy Alvarez • Nagpapahinog
   • Nagtatae ng salapi

Lisa Andrews •The Big Heat: A Benediction
  • Death Takes a Holiday (1934)
  • Mistaking Sex

Mary Bargteil • Oscar Night

Roy Bentley • Crucifixion Birds
   • The Spell for Stopping Those Who Take Everything

Gary Blankenburg • Father Walt

Sass Brown• Stone Baby

Michael Casey• Atalanta

Grace Cavalieri • Untying the Wind

Patrick Chapman • Finney, Welles & Co.

Juliet Cook/j.j. hastain • Miss America Turns into Fried Fish

Michael Davis • Sunlight Reflecting Off Clouds

William Virgil Davis • A Dark Before Dark
  • Before the Fire

celeste doaks • Baltimore Triptych
  • White Ain’t for Sundays Only

Julie R. Enszer • The Pinko Commie Dyke Hot Rods

Alex Ewing • Trips with My Father

Irene Fick • The Big Lonely
  • It’s Rachel from Cardholder Services

Sid Gold • Eyes
  • Hop

Maryanne Hannan • Fracking

Clarinda Harriss • Dances with Dementia
  • Grief and Time

Alamgir Hashmi • Your Dad

Amy Holman • Goat Gardeners Take the High Ground in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Jennifer Juneau • You Told Me, Y, to Write You a Love Poem
  • Doorman Building
  • Fuck You, Jennifer: A Love Poem

Jesse Lee Kercheval • 1960

Elizabeth Knapp • Self-Portrait as Stormy Daniels Off Camera
  • Black Friday

Claudiu Komartin • I Can See The Defeat So Clearly [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Mariana Berca]
  • Late speech, for me [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Mariana Berca]
  • Infected [tr. by Tom Hatcher and Rodica Guja]

Randi Gray Kristensen • Also 11/7/17

Teenie Lars • A Haiku for Each Person I’ve Slept With, in Chronological Order

Mercedes Lawry • Imps

Priscilla Lee • Sun Nin Fai Lok* in America
  • Grandfather Sin
   • Daughters of Mao

Michael H. Levin • Cam Ranh

Lyn Lifshin • If People Only Knew How Beautiful Aleppo Was
  • Aleppo, A World Heritage Site
  •The Last Garden in Aleppo
  • Listening for Scouting Planes
  • One Man Said Pray You Don’t Have to Go to the Hospital
  • It’s Easy to Lose Your Mind in Aleppo
  • Syrian Boy
  • In the Refugee Center

Adrian C. Louis • Pissing into the Wind
  • I Ask My Scar About Redemption

Cliff Lynn • birdwhile
  • the name of the band is the bert harbinson trio
  • nice ring to it

Chris Mason • 3/10/16
  • 4/25/16

Tony Medina • Stephon Clark
  • Charleena Lyles
  • Kajieme Powell
  • God Awful Ghazal

Chloe Yelena Miller • Guide to Baby’s First Year
  • Hahrt-breyk at Seven Months

Jane Miller • Figures of Speech

Sami Miranda • Lechon
  • Santos y Diablos

Nancy Mitchell • Free Barbie!!

Susan Bucci Mockler • Civil War Hospital, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Diptych

Alice Morris • Bluebirds

A.L. Nielsen • A Sense of the Monumental
  •“Why Don’t You Give It Up, for God’s Sake, and Try Something Else?”

Jean Nordhaus •Partial Eclipse Viewed Through a Colander
  • The New, Small Cars
  • Zeitgeist
  • The Sleepers
  • Victory Garden
  • Old Men Dancing

Alexa Patrick • Ghost
  • Ryan
  • 12.26.16

Charles Rammelkamp • The Late Great Philip Roth

Elizabeth Rees • Recovering from My Professor
   • Reply All

Marty Sanchez-Lowery • The Inviolable Border

Jane Schapiro • Erosion
   • Bashert

Susan Scheid • Jeanne d’Arc Burning for Love
  • My Mother Meets Her Fates

Claire Scott • Disappeared Saints
   • Time Tossed

Gregg Shapiro • The Bittersweet Table

Cathryn Shea • Her Mother Obtained Visas

Edgar Gabriel Silex • Murmuration Mass

Rose Solari •Portrait of a Woman, Fountain-Side
   • Portrait of a Woman, Smoking
   • Metal

Joanna Solfrian• Don’t Come to Me with Your Whole Body

Annie Stenzel• How to tame a tarantula

Samn Stockwell • Storyline

Tim Suermondt • Luchow’s Night
   • Tom Lux Dental Clinic

Sharon Suzuki-Martinez • Cherophobia
  • Abraham Lincoln’s House Slippers

Marc Swan • Death Café
  • Extraction

Eileen R. Tabios • Witnessed in the Convex Mirror
   • Narcissism
   • Mortality
   • Foregone Angels
   • Smile’s Identity

Parker Tettleton • If You Can Get In, You Don’t Need a Clock
   • Stag

Khal Torabully• If only my mother
   • And they slaughter the seahorse
   • Gangrene paronychia

M. Kaat Toy • In Our Culture We Go Like This
   • Dancing with the Enemy

Meredith Trede • Operation Weasel Words

Carolyn Turgeon • I dream of my sisters and the sea

Barbara Ungar • Syria Homework
   • Après Moi
   • Man Bun Ken
   • Your Mother Serves Tongue

Pam Uschuk • Aggravated Child Theft
   • Speaking of Angels and Ghosts

Lynne Vitti• Greyhounds

Michael Waters • Spelling Lesson
  • MPD

Marne Wilson • Blame Steve Almond

A. D. Winans • Poem for the Immigrants on the Corner of Cesar Chavez in San Francisco

Pamela Murray Winters • I’ve Never Felt So Much Like a Woman

Francine Witte • How the Trouble Started

Emma Sky Wolf • Flotsam

Kathi Wolfe • Celestial Navigation

Kirby Wright • The Coauthor
   • Mingling on the Esplanadi

Andrea Wyatt • Chesapeake Beach in October

Ed Zahniser• Learning to Live Together

Laura Arciniega • One Good Whole Milk Minute
   • Prayer of a Woman Sinner

Tom Ball • On Fermenting Human Milk Etc.
   • For the Theater Of Women
   • The Dance Medieval
   • Mad Android Fable #4

Annita Chalka • Student Lab Report

Bonnie Chau • Loose Morals

Clifford Garstang • Pluck

James Harper • Noonday Devil

Melanie S. Hatter • Malawi’s Sisters

Kelly Ann Jacobson • Seashells

Trasi Johnson • Moon Strike

Michael Martone • Three Skywritings

Joyce Enzor Maust • There’s Only One First

Buzz McClain • Last Pages of a Detective Novel
   • Last Page of a Fantasy Novel
   • Last Page of a Rock Star Autobiography

Susan Neville • Parting

Julee Newberger • Fan Cruise

bart plantenga • The Kingdom of Busby Berkeley

Doug Rice • Memoryscapes

Robert Scotellaro • Bad Boy Wannabe and the Cephalopod Empire

Jan Stinchcomb • Method Ghoul

Julia Tagliere • Casting Stones

Yoshiro Takayasu • Wild Cherry Trees

Sally Wilde • from House of Beef: Chapter 1

Jennifer Yacovissi • Sandoval


Nicelle Davis • Class Notes from English 360: Modern British Literature

George L. Stein • Four photos