Cover Art for Gargoyle #71:

Pamela Moore Feature

Pamela Moore •“Prophets Without Honor”
  • Three Snippets from Diana
  • Chapter 1 from The Horsey Set

Robert Nedelkoff • re. Pamela Moore





Amy Bloom• The Rose

Shelby Settles Harper• Feather

Patricia Henley• Beds

Jelena Kecmanovic• Pita From Home

Christopher Linforth• Island Boy

Trish MacEnulty • The Trump Supporter Who Peed on My Mattress

Daniel Mueller • The Way They Do in Movies

Kevin Taylor • Garden of Weeds

Mark Terrill • The Director

JC Alfier • Morgan City Fragment
   • In Wabbaseka

Tobi Alfier • Man as Broken Levee

Linette Marie Allen • The Bridge by Penn
   • Casting Crowns at Memphis

Nancy Allen •Mexico
  • King of the Dogs
  • Resort

David Alpaugh • Roo-Zuh-Velt/History

Rose Mary Boehm• Summerfest

Ace Boggess• Advice for Killing a Spider

Paula Bonnell • Knowing
  • Instruments of Purpose, Considered

Shirley J. Brewer • Accounting
  • Marilyn Speaks

Joan Colby • Floating
  • Dia De Los Muertos

Gail Braune Comorat • In This Dream of Endless Aisles

Robert Cooperman • Worse
  • Melvin Dickson, The Girl Scouts, and Pot Shops

Barbara Crooker • Crow Mischief
  • Moon
  • Black and Purple Petunias

Mark Danowsky • Grace
  • Bird in a Box

Heather L. Davis • Because of Poetry

Robin Dellabough • Oz redux
  • All Our Stories

Margaret Diehl • Women Remember
  • Why I Write Novels

Catherine Fahey • Seal Eyes

Gary Fincke • Miracle Fish, Los Angeles

Michael J. Galko • The protective eye

Kathleen Gillespie • The Ballad of Lovecraft County

James Grabill • In a Sleep-Dive Swoon
  • Out of Unfathomable Time

James Gross • Vibe-branded

Hedy Habra • Allegro Ma Non Troppo

Chloe Hanson • Your Body, The Afterlife

Donald Illich • Success as the Rain
  • Crabgrass

Mike James • Ghazal
  • Ghazal

Brad Johnson • World Forgetting by World Forgot
  • Northern Aggression

George Kalamaras • So We Can Teach Ourselves Not to Bleed
  • Arthur Waley’s Death-Bed Photo

Rodger Kamenetz • Homer and Penelope
  • NEKIYA — Odyssey Book 11

Lilah Katcher • Invasion
  • Winter Landscape with Skaters

Sandra Kolankiewicz • Snow on the Mountain

Kathleen Kraft • Cumulative Rainfall

Andrew Lafleche • forget the rest

Susan Lewis• Dumb Lucks
  • Valor Added

Miles Liss • Folding up Nets

Kristian Macaron • The Ways I Hold My Floods

Joyce Enzor Maust • Making a Cigarette Run with a Trio of My Homeless Friends

Alex McRae• Diplodocus
  • Kiwi

Mark Melnicove • Uncle B. would say
  • If weeds made noises

Nancy Mercado • Catcalls to My Brain

Michael Milburn • Strong Silent

Liz Minette • Pianos

Miles David Moore • Grandma and the Hurricane

Elisabeth Murawski • From the Station
  • Urn with Hummingbird

Jordan Perez • Wild Cactus
  • Theodore Roosevelt Island

David Romanda • Before I Move In

Mark Rubin • Mouse and Fox

Leslie M. Rupracht • Whirled Peas, Man

Beate Sigriddaughter • Emily Watches Him Sharpen Kitchen Knives
  • Rosemary Honey
  • On Ice

Noel Sloboda • Progress Report

Ellen McGrath Smith • Shaken 19: Devouring Time blunt thou the lion’s paws
  • Shaken 22: My glass shall not persuade me I am old
  • Shaken 25: Let those who are in favour with their stars

JD Smith • Mushrooms
  • A Vanishing

Maya Sonenberg • The Lost Poem, 1978

Shenandoah Sowash—• Declaration

Marilyn Stablein • The Baths
  • A Hard Read

Kurt Steinwand • The Settlers
  • Rick Sunshine

Marjorie Stelmach • Unjust

Joseph Stern • Global Reports and Analysis

Gail White • The Aging Process

Sally Wilde • Snow Day 
  • XVI: The Tower: Drunken Jenga Night

Paula Yup • My Apartment

James Armstrong • Locks

Jonah Bradenday • The Playwright

Jody Lannen Brady • Anything You Need

Gerri Brightwell • Mr. Sweet-Pie

Kathryn Chiariello • Doctor Delacruz Meets Her Match

Chris Cleary • Perspective

Katie Cortese • Before There Was Light

Daniel Coshnear • Proximity

Zane deBlosat • Cupid, Valentines, and LSD

Gabriel Don • Extraordinary Rendition

Aaron Emmel • The Listeners

Greyson Ferguson • The Woman by the Sea

Thomas Hrycyk • Blood of a Different Color

Beth Uznis Johnson • Wild Turkey

Stephanie Joyce • Nos Morituri

Karan Madhok • New Mutiny

Ryan Masters • Everyone Negotiates

Hannah Moloney • The Water

Alastair Murdoch •The Chalet

Donaji Olmedo • Between Autumns [tr. by Toshiya Kamei]

Colleen Kearney Rich • Wild Horses

Dawn Ryan • My Own Divine Motility

Marija Stajic • Sirens

David A. Taylor • Humane Society

Varsha Tiwary • A Pear a Day (and other proverbial truths)

M. Kaat Toy • Entering Atlantis

Andrea Wyatt • He’s Crazy, Everybody Said

Vonetta Young • Somewhere Else

mckenzie zalopany • Stamp Bingo


Franetta McMillian • photo

Kate Sampsell-Willhelm • Three photos
  • Incantation
  • Guardian
  • Don’t Get Captured