Fiction Index
Kathy Acker from In Memoriam to Identity 37/38
Kathy Acker The Seattle Book 50
Anya Achtenberg Business 60
Beth Adamour Double Shot 65
Gail Galloway Adams The Call 51
Jill Adams Vows 65
Kim Addonizio Reading Sontag 41
Patience Agbabi There Came a Big Spider 42
Forrest Aguirre Fossiloctopus 56
Forrest Aguirre Gepetto 57
Tom Ahern Dina La Belle Juive 20/21
Roberta Allen The Wrong One 41
Roberta Allen Tomatoes 51
Roberta Allen Normal 53
Roberta Allen The Decision 53
Roberta Allen Signs 57
Roberta Allen Secrets 57
Roberta Allen What’s Next? 65
Stephanie Allen Life and Times 57
Cathy Alter The Plundering 65
Julia Alvarez Hot Water 37/38
Rafael Alvarez The Long Vietnam of My Soul 61
Joe Ambrose Algeciras 42
Emily Amodeo We’re Not Pageant People 65
Holly Anderson Recipe for Returning 54
Ron Androla Hitting a Home Run 12/13
R. R. Angell Greyhound 41
Claudia Apablaza My Father Seems to Think I'm a Fakir 64
Bonnie Arning Bodies of Water 59
Naoko Awa A Summer's Dream (translated by Toshiya Kamei) 56
Steve Aylett If Armstrong was Interesting 42
Alex Bach Ye Ol'Fashioned Olfactory 57
Alex Bach Making Mickey 60
Sara Backer Ex and Ex-Ex: The Bar Scene 58
Mark Baechtel Event Horizon 60
Donna Baier-Stein Prodigal Son 66
Mary Bailey The Body on the Floor 53
Doreen Baingana The Depth of Blue 48
Isaac James Baker Bury Me in Smoke 68
A.A. Balaskovits The Ibex Girl of Qumran 59
Ned Balbo Rollo and Apollo 59
Andrew Bales Tori Lawson’s Perfect Mouth 62
Tom Ball At the Disturbing Goat Bar 68
Carolyn Banks Swimming 61
Lauren Baratz-Logsted Disaster 53
Toby Barlow The DMV 51
Jim Barnes The Visiting Writer 50
Stacy Barton That Summer 58
Bruce Bauman The Nihilist's Prayer 43
Christopher Beaumont Greyhounds 66
Anne Becker Lone Grieving Gunman 17/18
Matt Bell Edgar, Edric, Eduardo 56
Susan Woods Bell Hot in Mexico 4
Dianne Benedict Hawk 58
Claire Bennett The Ex-Wife's Tale 42
John Bennett J. C. Scofield 12/13
John Bennett Asta & Jacob 17/18
John Bennett from "Breakers" 20/21
Carol Bergé We are Not Alone 54
Arion Berger The Summit of So-Nam Sherpa 58
Ana García Bergua The Cold War 58
Marc Berley Life in Earnest 60
Lucia Berlin Noel, Texas 1956 37/38
Jennie Berner Unsettled 62
Jeanette Bertles Margo's Childhood 35
Bill Beverly A Good Man 64
Andrei Bhuyan You Said You'll Walk Beside Me 54
Lucy Biederman A Cabinet 68
Peter Biello Hurricane Leonard 66
Jill Birdsall Sea Monkeys 57
Jill Birdsall Loafers 59
Robert Bixby Zero Hour 25/26
Lucy E.M. Black The Shoe Tree 60
Neal Blaikie Bubbles Rise 54
Matthew Blasi Serenade, Promenade 62
Linda Blaskey The Importance of Hidden Things 58
Linda Blaskey Breath 68
Truitt Blassingham Release 35
Mary Clearman Blew The Pretty Wolf 9
Mary Clearman Blew The Machine Age 12/13
Hildie S. Block Umbilical Discord 48
Hildie S. Block The Key and the Box 66
Jodi Bloom Teenage Vixens from the Netherworld 39/40
Caroline Bock DC Mechanic 66
Jeffrey M. Bockman The Archivist is Loved by the Mathematician 44
Ann Bogle Dreams from the Station 60
Debra Booth Behind the Lens 61
Terry Borst The Crawl 30/31
Mikael Bouckaert The White Room 66
R.E. Bowse Our Mother, Like a Kite 56
Neil Boyack A Chair in the Shower 48
Hadley Boyd Inner Landscape 56
Lisa Boylan Indelible Marks 43
Lisa Boylan The Departure 66
T. Coraghessan Boyle Bloodfall


Ryan W. Bradley Motherhood 56
Michelle Brafman Washing the Dead 55

Pamela Brandt

London Bridges 37/38
Blair Braverman Watching Russia 56
Gerri Brightwell Beast 62
Sean Brijbasi H hide-you-place 60
Rachel Brill Poet's Guild 59
David Bristol from "The Peach Eater" 20/21
Michael Brondoli Borrowing 22/23
Ken Brosky I Just Can't Turn It Off 56
Chandler Brossard from Raging Joys, Sublime Violations 14
Chandler Brossard from The Bold Saboteurs 15/16
James Brown Bankrupt 20/21
Jamie Brown How do you get to the Sixties? 57
Kevin Brown Memento Mori 66
Randall Brown Hiding Nothing 55
Rebecca Brown Description of a Struggle 44
Tiffany Lee Brown Mary’s Egg 50
Charles Brownson

Seven Koans on Old Age 20/21
Elizabeth Bruce Van Camp's Pork & Beans 64
Ricki Bruce
Three 22/23
Rae Bryant A Pop-Modern Genesis 57
Rae Bryant A Love Letter to Steven Tyler's Lips 60
Mark Budman On the Shore of a Dry Sea 58
Alison Bundy
Western: I am Produced 39/40
Alison Bundy
Chihuahua Primer 39/40
Alison Bundy
Erotic Adventure 39/40
Alison Bundy Primary Rule for Writing Popular Romance 39/40
Alison Bundy Beloved 61
Alison Bundy

Seasonal Tale

Alison Bundy


Alison Bundy


Alison Bundy


Claudia Burbank Triple Back-Flip Aria 60
Beverly Burch Desperate for a Girlfriend 58
Sophy Burnham Samurai Sword 61
Amy Bush Cement Breath 62
J.D. Buttinger Replay 30/31
Monica Byrne The Reclamation Rite of One April Nora Hess 56
Mary Ann Cain Distractions 53
Bonnie Jo Campbell The Cook 53
John L. Campbell Courageous Little Philomena's Wondrous Bait 59
Scott Joseph Campbell Flytrap 51
Dana Cann Platform 62
Rachel Cantor Do You Know This Child? 45
Mary Caponegro Whoever is Never Born with the Most Toys Wins 41
Peter Caputo The Rising Stench of Perfumed Angels 62
Cathy Carr Warts 66
Kenneth Carroll Barking in Tongues 44
Tom Carson from Daisy Buchanan's Daughter 57
Theodore Carter Teddy Wins 61
Kevin Catalano Deleted Scenes 60
Jennifer H. Catto Don't Panic, Don't Pull 64
Louis-Ferdinand Céline from Normance (tr. by Mark Spitzer) 53
Adrienne Celt In Deep 60
George Chambers The Portrait of Henry James 20/21
Peter Cherches At the Opticians 61
Peter Cherches

Two Stirrings

Peter Cherches

Young Peter Cherches …

Kelly Cherry Prolegomenon 53
Kelly Cherry A Dream with the Wind in It 61
Billy Childish The Medway Bog Man 41
Susanna Childress Seeds 47
Kim Chinquee I Got Shot 57
Kim Chinquee Golden Doodle 57
Kim Chinquee Chasers 57
Kim Chinquee Wildcat Mountain 57
Kim Chinquee Flight 57
Kim Chinquee Still 57
Natasha Cho Godzilla vs. Alice Cooper 47
Lucas Church Knockabout 60
Charles Ciccoretti Hey 68
Randy Sue Coburn How Long Have You Known Me? 50
Shirley Graves Cochrane The Other Table 2
Shirley Graves Cochrane Red Carpet 12/13
Shirley Graves Cochrane The Smell of Apples 30/31
Susann Cokal Perfect, for You 57
Allison Hedge Coke Flutter (from "Veldt") 59
Jaimee Wriston Colbert Aftermath 66
C.A. Cole When Olive Was Wanted 66
Wanda Coleman Shark Liver Oil 44
Anne Colwell Produce Boy 61
Melinda J. Combs Stuck 58
Charles Conley Data 57
Traci O. Connor Starla and June 54
Kyle Conwell An Underdeveloped Picture of My Brother 45
Paula Coomer Pajamas in the Moon 50
Brian Cooper Inedible Fish 55
Lucy Corin Godzilla versus the Smog Monster 50
Julie Corwin My First Husband 59
Frank Costello The Bet 39/40
Lynn Cothern Dead Ringer 47
Cynthia Cotts The Exchange 25/26
Beth Couture The Disappearing Children 57
Meg Cowen Go With It 60
Caryn Coyle Delusions 56
Donya Currie Land Mines 39/40
Roger Cutler Learning How 2
Ramola D. Adulthood 57
Lori D’Angelo Life/Art 60
Quinn Dalton Small 51
Andrew Darlington Chemical Glide 12/13
Jim Ray Daniels 13-Part Story with Mime 60
JenMarie Davis from The Science Concerned 57
Kathleen de Azevedo The Cure 54
Barbara DeCeasare She is Going to Bring You a Difficult Life (A Novel) 60
Carmen Delzell Passing 37/38
Kiki Denis Foreign Student Prostitutes' Club 54
Katrina Denza The View is like Something from Seurat 57
Shannon Derby One Way to the Afterlife 60
Glenn Deutsch The Closing 57
Glenn Deutsch Let’s Get Rid of Him 66
Jason DeYoung Mariska's Tongue 53
Lucinda Dhavan A Face in the Crowd 50
Stephanie Dickinson When the Snow Leopard Stalks the River 56
Thom Didato Life as a One-Hit Wonder 47
Barbara Westwood Diehl The Ultimate Grand Supreme 55
Barbara Westwood Diehl Mermaids 59
Des Dillon Saturne Monsieur 50
Rachel Dixon Sun and Sea and Silver 54
Mary Stone Dockery Josh's Flowers 58
Trevor Dodge Epsilon 50
Trevor Dodge Careless Whisper 61
Amy Dodgen Realistic Painting for the Blind 56
Meghan Dombrink-Green Bog 57
John Domini Blinded by Paparazzi 54
Gabriel Don Cesspools and Treasure Chest 62
Rita Dove The Spray Paint King 20/21
Ann Downer Noli Me Tangere 24
Ann Downer Redhead #76 25/26
Ann Downer A Change in Circumstances 32/33
Albert Drake Breaking Windows 12/13
Damian Dressick Accrual 55
Dylan Brie Ducey Effacee Like Me 66
John Dufresne Died and Gone to Heaven 50
Julia Duncan Ghost in a Glass House 41
Chris Dungey The Enforcer on the Road 59
C.M. Dupré The Sacrificial Goat’s Head Box 50
C.M. Dupré An Elemental Pose 58
C.M. Dupré Sea & Sand or the Exchanges at City Station North 68
Halina Duraj Ash 58
Jay Duret Sushi 62
Don Dussault Not Better Late 68
Tony Duvert The Thinker 58
Tony Duvert The Window-Breaker 58
Tony Duvert The Engraver 58
Tony Duvert The Executioner 58
Jaclyn Dwyer Lost in the Red City 59
Gloria Dyc The New Age 59
James Dye

There are no Established Protocols for Entertaining Rogue Comets

James Dye

The Empty Room

Patricia Eakins The A, the B, the C of My Education 30/31
Lucinda Ebersole Auden's Toothbrush 39/40
Bela Egyedi Loose Change 9
Janice Eidus Travelin with Jack K. 39/40
Janice Eidus There is a War 57
Julie Eill Dead Girls 68
Robert Epstein Comments on a Book Reproducing an Ancient Bas-Relief Sculpture 56
Eurydice [Kamvisseli] from "Scree" 39/40
Eurydice from “EHMH: An Anatomical Prophecy” 61
Guillermo Fadanelli Strawberry Flavored Kool-Aid (tr. by Joel Streicker) 60
Robert Fagan Confusions: A Love Story 50
Lauren Fairbanks from "Cyber-Stained Sorbet" 39/40
Lauren Fairbanks from “Superpower(s)” 62
Alison Fairbrother The Shield 68
Ed Falco Saint John of the Five Boroughs – An Excerpt 54
Grant Faulkner Cooking 45
John Feeney Fragments on the Genesis of a Dialectic 8
John Feeney Scourge of the Reds 12/13
Suzanne Feldman The Crime Museum 48
Suzanne Feldman The Witch Bottle 66
Connor Ferguson Advantage 60
Rich Ferguson Smoking Joey 42
Robin Ferrier Metro Tag 53
Julia Figliotti Skin-Deep 62
Gary Fincke Gettysburg 60
Joanne Findley Acts of God 30/31
Joanne Findley Middle Space 32/33
Matthew Finn A Brief History of Sushi 62
Saskia Fischer The Ship of Sheep 57
Seth Fischer Our Most Frequent Requests 68
Richard Flanagan The Last of the Hippies 25/26
Colin Fleming Piles, or, Climaxing in a Forest Fire 56
Louise Jarvis Flynn Over the Moon 55
Christopher Fowler Normal Life 42
Heather Fowler Sex with Exes 66
Hugh Fox Trova 15/16
Hugh Fox from "Mandala" 25/26
Hugh Fox The Giant Christmas Oyster 42
H. E. Francis A Daughter's Life 30/31
Thaisa Frank Thread 51
Thaisa Frank Enchantment 57
Thaisa Frank Anesthesia 62
Espido Freire The Wooden Monster (translated by Toshiya Kamei) 55
Abby Frucht Wingdings 51
Abby Frucht Old Inn Door 56
Avital Gad-Cykman Intimacy 48
Avital Gad-Cykman Such as Any 55
Vishwas R. Gaitonde The English Widow 68
Faith Gardner The Red Button 62
Jeremy Garrett In the Library 56
William E. Garrison from "In Search of the West Virginia Moth Man" 20/21
Scott Garson Certain Things I Might Have Done in 1998 57
Frank Gatling Perimeter 9
Frank Gatling Rolling Through 12/13
Frank Gatling from "U.S. Head" 20/21
Frank Gatling from "U.S. Head" 22/23
Stephen Gatling Game Show Messiah 66
Roxane Gay How the Girl in the Glass Sheds Her Skin 56
Luke Geddes Betty and Veronica 56
Meghan Gehman Keys 35
Alessandra Gelmi Diary Entry 57
Alessandra Gelmi Twigs 57
Yael Gen Water 55
Kathryn Gerhard Angels and ... 30/31
Greg Gerke Mother and Son 56
Richard Gess Paul and the Finger 10
Anna Geyer Dirty Bob 47
Megan Giddings Between Sternum and Heart 64
Shauna Gilligan Mermaid 66
Steven Gillis Lift 51
Brian Gilmore Anybody Trying to Fade? 39/40
Mike Giusta At Sea 58
Jesse Glass Closed Casket 12/13
Jesse Glass Life as a Security Guard 20/21
Thomas Glynn What to Do When the Famous Die 50
Tara Goedjen Dog Baby 53
Ian Golding Electric Light Orchestra single "Mr. Blue Sky" as heard in a White Castle dining area 59
Hilary Goldstein The Dream Eater 56
Laurence Gonzales Tommy 27
Laurence Gonzales In Country 30/31
Okey Goode Issam the Roman, His Cards and Oracles 66
Ivy Goodman In Twos 30/31
Jaimy Gordon The Bobby Pin 20/21
Jaimy Gordon Bug Motels on Mission 39/40
Karen Elizabeth Gordon from The Disheveled Dictionary 39/40
Pamela Gordon Seat Dancing 27
James Grady Demolition Derby 57
Philip Graham Grrrls Underground 47
Leigh C. Grant Cake 60
Peter Grandbois Appliances 56
Richard Grayson What About Us Grils? 12/13
Robert Gregory Why Things Are a Mess 27
Robert Gregory What the Flutes Do 30/31
Robert Gregory Incidents of 1903 54
Robert Gregory Gone On (An Epitaph) 54
Andrew Gretes Artie and the Veil of Maya 68
Todd Grimson New Demons Come to Light 25/26
Sabina Grogan The Woods Witch 62
Herb Guggenheim He Struggles at the Audition 6
Herb Guggenheim The Wall 12/13
Diane Gurman Swimming to the Siren’s Song 62
Mary Halnon How It Seems in September 41
Elizabeth Hand from Generation Loss 50
Paul Handley 5 Stages of Dog Grief 62
Paul Handley Our Anecdotal Integrity 62
Cathryn Hankla If It Were Dark 30/31
Cathryn Hankla Charmer 39/40
Susan Hankla Lazy Eye 30/31
Myronn Hardy Civilization 53
Myronn Hardy Philosophy of the Dead 55
Myronn Hardy Pluto 57
Myronn Hardy Melting Tower Among Sheep 61
Myronn Hardy The Addict in the Congolese Poet’s Garden 66
Michael Harris (w/Benjamin Lawless) Letters to a Highly Regarded Institution 7
Matthew Harrison The Making of Creatures 59
Annie Hartnett Animals First 58
Shelby Settles Harper Who Killed the Sparrow? 61
David Haynes Senior Will 39/40
Richard Hell Boy Meets Death, Boy Falls in Love 42
Michael Hemmingson This Other Eden 48
Michael Hemmingson Why Don't You Use Your Parking Space? 55
Cynthia Hendershot Heads 39/40
Cyndy Hendershot While My Skin Rots Away 68
George Heon Vegetable Aspic 4
Jody Hobbs Hesler Sorry Enough 66
David Hickman The Wall 5
Nancy Hightower Unleashed Beauty 60
Wolfgang Hildesheimer The Vacation (translated by Patricia Haas Stanley) 6
Wolfgang Hildesheimer Why I Became a Nightingale (translated by Patricia Haas Stanley) 9
Nancy Hightower Evangelical Wonderland 64
Robert Hinderliter The Leprechaun 68
Dustin M. Hoffman Zombies! Rodemom! 56
Dustin M. Hoffman Long Division 66
Dustin M. Hoffman My Pupil, Dive Site 66
Charles Holdefer The Plans 59
Jamie Holland Healing 39/40
William Holland Flushing with Zimmerman 25/26
Jessica Hollander Ultimate Makeover: Zombie Edition 57
Ken Hollings I am Singing 41
David Holloway Sometimes She Knows 66
Karen Holman Paper House 56
Christian Holt Confessions of a College Admissions Officer 64
Rochelle Holt Seven Fantasies 12/13
Lucy Honig The Deluxe Package 54
Ian Christopher Hooper Asakusa Station 54
Suzanne Marie Hopcroft March 57
Paul House A Cup of Coffee 17/18
Nik Houser First Kisses from Beyond the Grave 51
Nik Houser The Kissing Booth Burns Down 55
Nik Houser Under Hindsight's Knife 59
Trevor J. Houser Malta 59
Dave Housley Frog Prince II 50
Stokes Howell Just Drive 41
Gloria L. Huang Down to the Bottom 62
Dallas Hudgens Sixty in Twenties 55
Dwight Humphries Hearthside 10
Julie Innis Metallurgy 57
Kevin Jackson Zembla 41
Shelley Jackson Sperm 41
Simon Jacobs Disasters 66
Alison Condie Jaenicke Electric Circus 60
Maxim Jakubowski The Room, After She Left 42
Christine Japely What the Mother Did 50
Caitlin Greenleaf Johnson I Miss You, Harold Brozner 45
Curt Johnson A Father 12/13
Hillary Johnson Seismatrix 39/40
M. H. Johnson As Is 51
Wotring Johnson The Sandersons 25/26
Dennis Jones Alti Plano 39/40
Helen Jones Chaperones 35
Rosemary Jones The Sichuan Princesses 55
Ani Kachbalian When Blowfish Forget Love 56
Craig Kakuda The Secrets of Bonsai Gardening 54
Anita Shah Kapadia The Disappeared 44
R.A. Kapler King 41
Christina Kapp Things to Do When It Rains 56
Wayne Karlin Our Fathers' Wars 58
Wayne Karlin That Minute: Jacksonville, North Carolina 61
Liat Katz Wither Thou Goest 66
Donna B. Kaulkin The Principal 2
Shawna Kenney Possession 58
Robert Kerbeck A Dish Best Served Warm 66
Daniel Kharms [671] (tr. by Alex Cigale) 60
Daniel Kharms The Descent (Nearby and Far Away) (tr. by Alex Cigale) 60
Faye Kicknosway Cometh the Sheep 58
Jean Kim Bridge and Tunnel 66
Michael Kimball Three Girlfriends 55
John King Limbo Girls 50
Matthew Kirkpatrick Minor Heroes Save You 50
Peter Kispert Things I Do for Leila Stryker 60
Susi Klare At the Intersection of Heaven and Hell 53
Laurence Klavan The Unexpected Guest 53
Robert Kloss How the Old Man Trained His Assassins 57
Robert Kloss Our Calm was Born from Your Burning 59
Jen Knox Synchronicity 58
Franz Knupfer The Informants of Kengtung 59
Nick Kocz Young Nihilist Seeks Other 53
Beth Konkoski Desert Horse 59
Beth Konkoski Golden Rule 60
Beth Konkoski Saying Goodbye 64
Richard Kostelanetz from Epiphanies 14
Zane Kotker A Dog with Yesterday's Name 53
Zane Kotker What's Wrong with Sushi? 56
Randi Gray Kristensen Untitled 66
Len Kruger Marianas Trench 59
Angela Labordeta Barcelona!! (tr. by Toshiya Kamei) 54
Christine Lahey Mrs Jameson (pt. 1) 7
Christine Lahey Mrs. Jameson (pt. 2) 8
Christine Lahey Mrs. Jameson (pt. 3) 9
Rik Lander If You Try to Stop Me 42
Dylan Landis Centrifuge 56
Michael Landweber Amuse Bouche 56
Bettina Lanyi Chocolate Bust 57
L. A. Lantz Family History 42
L. A. Lantz Hair of the Dog 68
W F Lantry One Percent 61
Raima Larter The Healer 61
Raima Larter The Initiate 68
laudanum at 33 an open letter 55
laudanum at 33 thymiane 55
laudanum at 33 welles 55
laudanum at 33 from "Flannel Bell" 56
laudanum at 33 Goodbye Jane 68
Benjamin Lawless (w/Michael Harris) Letters to a Highly Respected Institution 7
Doug Lawson The Dogs of Canova 53
Lawrence Lebofsky Lake Mead 39/40
Justin Lee Not My Blood 60
Harry Leeds Anecdotes from the Life of Grace Paley 58
Marti Leimbach Nicky, Aged 10 56
Pavel Lembersky Girl Wants to Be a Politologist 64
Pavel Lembersky Cat-Dogs 64
Louise Wareham Leonard from 52 Men 64
Gilles Leroy from Alabama Song (tr. by J. T. Townley) 62
Nathan Leslie Let’s Do Thai 51
Nathan Leslie In Different Rooms 57
Nathan Leslie The Makeout Club 58
Nathan Leslie The Miniaturist 58
Nathan Leslie A Helping Hand 61
Joseph Levens Due Diligence 60
Elise Levine Cavalcade 43
Elise Levine All We Did 54
Amy Eller Lewis The Double Life of Evelyn Gray 45
J. C. Lichtner In the Service of Others 42
Christopher Linforth The Lake 60
Peter Tieryas Liu The Buddha of Many Parts 57
Peter Tieryas Liu Phobia 62
Bryan Livingston Weekend 10
Norman Lock To Each According to His Own 54
Kimberly Lojewski Swamp Food at the Rapture Cafe 59
Alyce Lomax Sanatorius 58
Jonathan London Hank Williams I Love You So Much 35
Ben Loory The Swimming Pool 57
Katharine Lorr Pictures of a Wedding 20/21
Kate Lu Ways to Breathe While Drowning 64
Nancy Ludmerer Foreplay with Nicole Kidman 44
Alexander Lumans Cormac McCarthy, Walmart Greeter 56
Valya Dudycz Lupescu Lament 66
Mary Luttrell Fractures 62
Jønathan Lyons Dashiell 53
Jønathan Lyons Calling 62
Pat MacEnulty The Cannibalized Woman 51
Pat MacEnulty Plural 58
Jonathan Mack The Extinction of Stories 57
Fiona J. Mackintosh Janus 64
James Magruder Shift Work 64
Gregory Maguire The Hurricane Lamp 41
Mary Claire Mahaney On Cheeko Lake 64
Kathleen Maher Jamie 30/31
Deepak Maini The Brother 59
Christine Ma-Kellams Dave 68
Jennifer Makowsky Daters Anonymous 66
Nick Mamatas Slice of Life 61
Ravi Mangla Hair 56
Annam Manthiram Sweet Custard 58
Ben Marcus Presentation of the Church 39/40
Debra Marquart The Many Short Teeth of the Many Long Zippers 42
Anne Marsella Sons of 53
Cynthia Newberry Martin Mackenzie 57
Joe Martin from Parabola: Tales of the Wise and the Idiots 42
Michael Martone Schliemann in Indianapolis 25/26
Michael Martone Three Contributor’s Notes 50
Carole Maso Sanctuary 39/40
James Mathews Devil's Rain 41
Mark Maxwell 43 53
Mark Maxwell Thin Places 68
Mark McBride Lacy 59
Susan McCarty Corridors 57
Monica McFawn Dead Horse Productions 58
Jean McGarry The Tree of Life 53
Ann McLaughlin from The Balancing Pole 12/13
Robin McLean For Swimmers 58
Scott McClelland Liminality 66
Franetta McMillian The Fall of Rome 61
John McNally Planetary Danger 47
Molly McQuade Death by Creamation 50
Kat Meads Authors Always Lie about their Lives 51
Lindsay Merbaum Solitude 57
Corey Mesler Monster 57
Sharon Mesmer In Ordinary Time 50
Sharon Mesmer An Upside-Down Horse Is the Jewel-in-the- Crown of a French Tiger Man  50
Sharon Mesmer Hesperis 50
Sharon Mesmer Obsolete Heroes 50
Sharon Mesmer At Epiphany 50
Lily Meyer Meyerland 64
Jen Mikalski Orion 55
Jen Mikalski Greater Good 68
Teresa Milbrodt Comment Cards 60
Martin Millar Musicians 42
Tim Millas The Idea of Isabel 60
Ben Miller #436 47
E. Ethelbert Miller Maria 48
Sam J. Miller The Last Sleepover 56
Joseph Wendell Miller Desert Girl 64
Joe Mills At the Edelweiss Club, Albuquerque, New Mexico 62
Stefan Milne Four Bombs 66
Michael Minchin Tools 64
Valerie Miner Flat World 47
Jeff Minerd The Humpty Dumpty Game 41
Janet Mitchell Scenes from a Funeral 57
Allison Harden Moen Muse 58
Matthew L. Moffett A Heart Made Wicked 47
David Mohrmann Monster 57
Rick Moody Pirate Radio 50
Glenn Moomau Clock Radio 25/26
Elizabeth Moore Watching for Nessie 30/31
Dan Moreau A Tour of North American Ruins 58
Chris Morgan EGZ Tour Rider: Calendar Year 2003 48
Shilo Morlang A Bicycle Built for Two 56
Michael Morrissey A Very Timid Little Boy Called Franz Kafka 20/21
Donna Moss Night Owl 60
Rebecca Motil Matchsticks 42
Daniel Mueller Spoils 53
Terence Mulligan Tom's World 64
Laura Mullen The Dead 39/40
Teresa Burns Murphy Mr. Bra 57
Teresa Burns Murphy The Tree House 68
Clare Marie Myers The Scene 57
George Myers Jr. An Apartment of Modern Art 8
George Myers Jr. Memory Turning Into Itself 8
George Myers Jr. I Remember Malraux 11
George Myers Jr. Confession 12/13
George Myers Jr. Jealousy 30/31
Sequoia Nagamatsu The Passage of Time in the Abyss 58
Susan Smith Nash from "Cat Magic" 51
Susan Smith Nash Discourse & Dustin, Oklahoma 55
Susan Smith Nash Panhandle Gun & Coin 55
Susan Smith Nash I, Vampire 57
Ben Neihart Shake Me 35
Antonya Nelson Ecstasy 35
Lee Nelson The Wrong Room 42
Sandra Nelson I Understand the Wheel 30/31
Susan Neville The Mausoleum 50
Susan Neville Shock and Awe 66
Sasha Newborn Africa, Goodbye 12/13
Penny Newbury Erotica 27
Eric Andrew Newman Down the Mississippi 68
Dawn Newton Chili 35
Amy Ng Shoes 56
David Nicholson Among the Righteous 30/31
Hal Niedzviecki Displacement 50
Rebecca Nison Story Time 62
Delaney Nolan Shotgun Style 59
Lalita Noronha Cat Cry 54
Carol Novack The Eating Habits of the Poor 54
Ashby North My Dog 9
Kevin O'Cuinn Un Sac Comme Le Mien 56
Kevin O'Cuinn Snow Journal, Day 23 58
Kevin O’Cuinn At the Neuwiener Hutte 60
Kevin O’Cuinn The Water Carrier 62
Kevin O’Cuinn The Incorrigible Mr. Gupta 66
David O'Dell Heat 32/33
Jordan Ojumura Anatomy of a photograph 58
Amelie Olaiz Adrift 61
Amelie Olaiz Parallel Paradises 61
Amelie Olaiz Change or Die 61
Amelie Olaiz A Woman’s Nickname (tr. by Toshiya Kamei) 61
Andrew Oldham Song of the Whale Boy 55
Donaji Olmedo 1814 60
Donaji Olmedo Crocodile [tr. by Toshiya Kamei] 66
Lance Olsen Historical Uterine Dreams 39/40
Lance Olsen from Nietzsche’s Kisses 50
Lance Olsen Calendar of Regrets – An Excerpt 53
Toby Olson Sweet Georgia Brown 58
Janet Olsonbaker Only Memory 68
Judith O'Neill Dreams of Croatia 64
Elizabeth Oness Spillover 51
Carolyn Osborn Oppositions 48
W. P. Osborn On the Role of Venus in the Abduction of Helen 64
Abby Mei Otis Sex Dungeons for Sad People 62
Mary Overton Teeth 53
Yarrow Paisley The Revised Minutes 59
Cheryl Pallant Until Death Do They Part 53
John Park Metamorphoses of the Vampire 4
John Park The Death of Ambrose Bierce 6
M.E. Parker The Man Inside Her 57
Paul Pasquarella This is the Way It Should Always Be 1
Steve Pastis Wet Dogs of Hispaniola 55
Steve Pastis The Bucket Seat of Poets 55
Steve Pastis The Zesty Saints 55
James J. Patterson & Quinn O'Connell Jr. from "Roughnecks" 58
Steph Paynes The New Nose 47
Pete Pazmino Lyle-O 59
Vicki Pearson-Rounds A Trail of Disappearance 58
Claude Pelieu-Washburn The Stars Take Over  (translated by Mary Beach) 15/16
Ted Pelton The Skunk and the Sloth 61
Douglas Penick A Fan Moves in the Air 66
Susan Perabo End of Days 55
Lorine Kritzer Pergament Lost 59
G.C. Perry The Doughnut Eaters 56
Mark Perry What They Say in Jean, Nevada 30/31
Rachael Perry My Grandfather's Dictionary 45
David Petersen The Wicker Man 50
Michael Phillips San 51
Constance Pierce The Regional Writer 20/21
Leslie Pietrzyk Where Your Life Begins 39/40
Deborah Pintonelli from Some Heart 42
Deborah Pintonelli Lola 48
Deborah Pintonelli Baby Love 55
Deborah Pintonelli Paper People 61
David Plumb Late Show 17/18
David Plumb Why I Smoke 43
David Plumb The Ghost of Susan Hayward 58
David Plumb from Dream in a Market Place 60
Meg Pokrass Underneath 56
Meg Pokrass Surrogate 56
Meg Pokrass The Party 57
Meg Pokrass So Much to Tell 57
Zena Polin Warm Ice, Cold Eggs 57
Pedro Ponce Stories of the Unexpected 41
Pedro Ponce Intelligent Design 53
Pedro Ponce The Pill Course 58
Pedro Ponce The Sexiest Man Alive 58
Pedro Ponce The Soundtrack Killer 58
Pedro Ponce Kafka Dreams of the New World 66
Pedro Ponce The Omniscient Voice 66
Lily Pond The Mother who Floated Away 43
Meredith Pond On the Dark Desert Highway 57
Meredith Pond To Whale Camp  
Meredith Pond Delgado and the Bike Shop Boys 64
Meredith Pond Anniversary Party with Gatsby in Mind 68
Wena Poon Extract from the The Biophilia Omnibus 57
Marie Potoczny If Not Now, when? 59
Charles Potts from "Lake Earth" 25/26
Glen Pourciau Bounce 56
Glen Pourciau A Private Place 66
Nani Power Rimbaud's Head 42
Shelagh Power-Chopra While on Vacation in Rome 53
Kate Pullinger The Visits Room 39/40
Joseph M. Queenan A Short History of Modern French Literature 17/18
Pilar Quinana from "Collectors of Weird Screws" (translated by Joel Streicker) 57
Sean Quinn Asuncion 59
Eman Quotah Glory 56
Nahid Rachlin Chance Meetings 48
Misti Rainwater-Lites Body as Temple 61
Misti Rainwater-Lites Deaf Date 61
Doug Ramspeck Water Tower 60
Elahzar Rao The Round in My Mother's Kitchen 58
Robert Ready Dede 30/31
Michelle Reale Timbal 57
Melissa Reddish Advice for Growing a Second Head 66
Kit Reed Freezing Geezers 51
Kit Reed Manners 61
F. D. Reeve The Trip Home 20/21
William Reid Doing That Outside Dance 35
Joyce Renwick Cuatro Casas 35
Suzanne Ress Earrings 20/21
Suzanne Ress Little Toros 24
Doug Rice A Light in August Trees 44
Doug Rice In Memoriam to Identity 48
Doug Rice Anatomy of Pronouns in Advance of an Autobiography by Doug Rice 53
Doug Rice A Prayer for One Sentence 57
Jeff Richards Whipped 60
Aria Riding What She Is Trying to Say 66
Paulette Roberts Sustenance 42
Lou Robinson Havoc Wreaked by the Bean of Doubt 41
Lou Robinson All Four Feet in the Air 61
Roger Robinson Tree 42
Shannon Robinson How to Get a Man 56
Elizabeth Roca Final Curtain 41
Ethel Rohan Sorry 57
S. Romagnoli Wasps 30/31
Gabriele Romeri HYPNOS for Beginners 57
David Rose Ming 42
Karin Rosman Blue Dress Day 59
Henry H. Roth Happy in Ohio 20/21
Nickalus Rupert The Worst Mile 68
Lea Russo Mausoleums 45
William F. Ryan Street Dance 20/21
Ann K. Ryles How My Heart Spoke and I Heard the Voice of Pain 57
Miranda Saake current 45
Patrick Saari Pallazzini: Poet of Anguish 3
Kris Saknussem Letters from Old Girlfriends 57
Curt Saltzman The Observer and the Observed 68
Kevin Sampsell Skip the Walker 50
Gideon Sams A Day on the Town 15/16
Nick Sansone The Fourth Pig 60
Nick Sansone Weekends 68
Colin Sargent A Sestina in Prose 8
Jack Saunders from Delray Beach 15/16
John Saul Anniversary of a Village 66
John Saul Tapas 68
R. Gilad Schamess Lucky 50
Lorraine Schein My Little Mermaid 43
Sonia Scherr First Kill 68
Harold Schneider Hot in the Middle 25/26
Davis Schneiderman Tupeat, Frompeet, Repeit 45
Lynda Schor Corrections 48
Lynda Schor The Sexual Harassment Rules 61
E. M. Schorb Weightless 61
Helen Schulman I Heart Dan Jansen 41
Steven Schutzman War of Choice 54
Miranda Schwartz The Shine of Fates 64
Robert Scotellaro Beep-Ball 57
Joseph Scovitch Life's Little Party 8
Joseph Scovitch The Women in Sidney's World 10
Joseph Scovitch Salome's Silver Platter 12/13
Terri G. Scullen Pullout 55
Terri G. Scullen Thinking of You 58
Martin Seay Seventeen Ways of Looking at a Frog 47
Martin Seay from "The Mirror Thief" 55
Jessie Seigel The Eunuch God 39/40
R. D. Selim Annunciation 48
Tamara Kaye Sellman Peppercorns 50
Yvonne J Seng Montana Mermaid 64
Sarah Seybold Unfinished 60
Lynda Sexson Eye of a White Rabbit 57
Helen Maryles Shankman The Jew Hater 61
Gregg Shapiro My Mother's Vanity 64
Elisabeth Sheffield Influenza 43
Elisabeth Sheffield "i live in a hole" 57
Andrew Shelden SeaTac Rain 59
David Sheridan Geronimo 1
Suzan Sherman Peaches 44
Lewis Shiner Castles Made of Sand 39/40
Phil Shoenfelt from Junkie Love 39/40
Rozanne Gooding Silverwood Shooting Squirrel 44
Beate Sigriddaughter Blind Tiresias 64
Beate Sigriddaughter Snapshots of the Wife of the Man Who Wouldn’t Dance 68
Don Skiles Miss America 22/23
Don Skiles Chet Baker Dies in Amsterdam 39/40
Bob Skinner The Eternal Champion 3
Fred Skolnik Adrift in the Global Village 56
Julia Slavin Beauty and Rudy 39/40
Marcia Slatkin Gifts 57
Mary Slowik Snake in the Pond 50
Glenn Small Auto Reply 54
Nic Small True or False: A Knarl-Biter Saved the World – The Tale of Yanx 58
Sarah Nicole Smetana Modern Commons 64
Curtis Smith Playground 68
Katherine Smith Phantom 57
Katherine Smith The Woman Who Made Men Angry 61
Steve Sneyd When Maggots Wag Their Tails 9
Steve Sneyd The Postcard 14
Joanne Sobieck-Lingg Remember the Horse Girls? 42
Edmundo Paz Soldán Rodrigo and Others 58
Edmundo Paz Soldán Promise 58
Edmundo Paz Soldán Friday Morning 58
Maya Sonenberg Cartographies 25/26
Maya Sonenberg Baby 1995 39/40
Frank Soos Three Weird Things 25/26
Julianna Spallholz A Man of Regret 50
Julianna Spallholz Who Will Take the Cat 50
Michael Spann The Black Pancho Villa 45
Michael Spann Maroc Con 59
Amber Sparks The Woman Across the Water Wore the Shape of Love 57
Laurel Speer Play For Us, Fanfani 14
Dawn Sperber Wind in a Ring Box 57
Marilyn Stablein The Rat Caterer 41
Marilyn Stablein Alphabet Sex 54
Marilyn Stablein The Rat Tavern 61
Marilyn Stablein

Rat Currency

Megan Staffel The Yes Column 51
Marija Stajic Sparrows 61
Marija Stajic Bucket of Fat 64
Marija Stajic Sister 66
Kara Allison Stambach from "Miami Water Tribe" 50
Ben Stein Instruction 53
Eugene Stein The Reunification of Germany and Other Stories 27
Eugene Stein The Barn Fire 41
J.J. Steinfeld The Oldest Magic Trick in the Book...Revisited 66
M.G. Stephens The Mood 58
D. E. Steward Afternoon 14
D. E. Steward Pierre 20/21
D. E. Steward Heathrow 24
D. E. Steward Septiembre 37/38
D. E. Steward Julie 48
Daniel Stolar Twenty Years Later 57
Laren Stover Piece of Blue 39/40
Emma Straub Soap 56
MaryAnn Suehle The Encyclopaedia Gesland 44
Ellen Summers One Foot in Heaven 35
Matthew Summers-Sparks KinderCare 47
Irene Svete Still Life Without Monsters 47
Irene Svete The Wake 55
Gladys Swan The Bath Tub 42
Jon Swan Transactions 48
Roberta Metz Swann Son Days 20/21
Royston Swarbrooke Penis Envy 42
Elizabeth Tallent The Rain, the Doves, and Tangerines 12/13
Jenniey Tallman Gertrude is Gay 59
Caleb Tankersley Godzilla Girl 64
Charles A. Taormina The Madness 12/13
Art Taylor Precision 61
David A.Taylor Special Economic Zone – Shantou 53
David A. Taylor Lovely, Dark and Deep 61
Liza Nash Taylor We Have Fun 45
Liza Nash Taylor Confab 66
Ross Taylor A Memorable Fantasy 45
Susan Tepper Glue 56
Susan Tepper Wedding 58
Susan Tepper A Year Is a Long Time 60
Susan Tepper Son of Leon 64
Susan Tepper Floods 61
Susan Tepper Nobody Misses Anyone 66
Andrea Tetrick Jimmy Veneer 42
Alexander Theroux from Laura Warholic 47
Richard Thomas Tinkering with the Moon 58
James F. Thompson Butterfly BBQ Sauce 48
Sheila Thorne The Museum of Rooms 66
Angel Threatt Bela Lugosi's Dead 51
Jessica Treat Listing 51
Jessica Treat Teacup 51
Kenneth R. Timmerman from The Wren Hunt 15/16
Kenneth R. Timmerman Nothing is Easy 20/21
Kenneth Tindall from "Pignon" 30/31
Sally Toner Termites 60
Sally Toner In a Different Key 61
Sally Toner Picklebacks 66
Lee A. Tonouchi Sex and the Holy City 57
Virgie Townsend Warm and Disloyal 62
M. Kaat Toy Getting Even 25/26
M. Kaat Toy What is News? 54
Mark Trachtman The Band 3
Mark Trachtman Sea Stories 6
An Tran The Message of My Skin 61
Letitia Trent The Dancer 54
Karen Trimbath Mysterious Players, Those Failed Prayers 53
Mary Truitt Gravity 30/31
Mary Truitt Under the Circumstances 32/33
Meg Tuite Thy Blood is Cold 60
Roz Kuehn Unruh Suburban Window (from "VariousStates of Undress") 57
Lee Upton The Peaceable Kingdom 24
Lee Upton Insurance 30/31
Lee Upton Alice Doesn’t 50
Lee Upton Performance Review 53
Lee Upton What Doesn't Kill You Makes Me Stronger 58
Kevin Urick Portraits of Marcy 7
Kevin Urick To Those Who Can Handle Success 8
Kevin Urick A Gatekeeper's Lament 12/13
Rita Valencia from "Thirteen-Story Woman" 25/26
Gretchen A. Van Lente Black Water Bridge 66
William Van Wert The Anxiety of Influence 30/31
Rene Georg Vasicek The City of Machines 59
Katherine Vaz A Simple Affair 48
David Veronese A Boy in Need 55
Judy Viertel June Picnic 58
Judy Viertel Becoming Steadily Denser 57
Ursula Villarreal-Moura Honeymoon in Zagreb, 2009 64
Donna D. Vitucci Snowbound 50
Donna D. Vitucci Shelter 68
Lisa Vogel The Museum of This 55
Jacqueline Vogtman As She Waited 62
Ken Waldman Scientific Cuisine 37/38
Ann Wahlman Six-Shooter 59
Julie Wakeman-Linn The Kitchen Closes at 7 60
Christopher Walsh Substantial Collections 45
Sheila Walsh Re: Our Third Quarter Game Plan 66
Dave Ward Room 10
Josh Wardrip Aqid 66
Barrett Warner Confirmation 30/31
Barrett Warner “Ha Fucking Ha” 60
Elizabeth Warren Last Year's Model 57
Jesse Waters Intelligence 66
Jesse Waters Watching Superman Leave Home, Not in Love, Alone 66
Vallie Lynn Watson That Doesn’t Sleep, That Never Sleeps 60
Vallie Lynn Watson The Dead You've Left 64
Riggin Waugh A Little Pagan Holiday 39/40
Carolyn Weaver Celia's Bridegroom 41
Colin David Webb The Argument 11
Colin David Webb Beige 12/13
Colin David Webb from "26" 20/21
Katharine Weber Shooting in Sequence 47
Susan Weinberg Masters of the Universe 32/33
Susan Weinberg In Training 35
Tim Wendel Jamie's Car 44
Tim Wendel The Handy Man 48
Stan Lee Werlin Vietnam Vortex Sutra 68
Katherine West A Good Hand 64
Paul West Bolivians Are Getting Shorter 61
Tom Whalen The Enchanted Forest 25/26
Tom Whalen Promenade 37/38
Tom Whalen

from “The Secret Correspondence: A Novel of Novels”

Kathleen Wheaton Animal Control 66
Theodore Wheeler Shame Cycle 62
Shannon Connor Winward BabyCake 64
Curtis White from America's Magic Mountain 41
Elizabeth Keller Whitehurst The Leg 45
Paula Whyman Another Story 57
Paula Whyman Jump 61
Dallas Wiebe Skyblue’s Essay on Dying 51
Sally Wilde
No One Knows Your'e a God  
Charles Wilder Failure of the Heart 6
Charles Wilder A Maiden Lady of Color 12/13
Michael Wilding The Falcon 15/16
Michael Wilding Market Forces 42
Michael Wilding Master Class 54
Diane Williams The Brilliants 39/40
Sarah Louise Williams Out of the Atlas 43
Sue Williams Where the Apple Rolls 55
Jim Williamson Pitch Pipe 42
D. Harlan Wilson Disney Reanimated 50
Keith R. Wilson Cleaning the Smoking Room 55
Jenni Wiltz Integers and Atoms 60
Terence Winch The Age of Transition 25/26
Mark Winegardner The Batting Cage 37/38
Bess Winter Four Minutes Thirty-Three Seconds 57
Donald Winter Calculated Response 4
Tim Wirkus Apiary 55
Valerie Wohlfeld The Dead One 30/31
Kelly Wolfe Beautiful Bicuspid 68
Anne-E. Wood Theater of the Sea 56
William Crawford Woods Available Light 20/21
Kirby Wright Leg of Jen 62
Brennen Wysong The Fox and the Nest 58
Brennen Wysong The First One 58
Geoff Wyss Arms 56
Brigit Kelly Young The Raccoon Chronicles 56
Christina Yu The Girls of Sigma Psi 53
Lidia Yuknavitch If Patti Smith was Jesus 43
Lidia Yuknavitch Eight by Ten Glossies 50
Shellie Zacharia The Arborist Shows Up on Saturday Afternoon 56
Hananah Zaheer Listening for Storms 64
Tara Isabel Zambrano No Man’s Land 68
Margaret Zamos-Monteith The Monument of Great Lies 58
Timothy Zila Thing-in-itself 62
Theodora Ziolkowski The Littlest Puck 58
Theo Zizka Her Designs on Me 66
Bonnie ZoBell Dog Girl 66
Mary Kay Zuravleff The One That Got Away 35
Mary Kay Zuravleff Side Effects 58



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